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America Speaking Out launched: Will you speak out?


  • triviper 6 years ago

    web page was all messed up... must be bogged down with too many users.

  • Daniel Dainty 6 years ago

    I am an american.I'm in favor of the arizona bill.Close the borders now,whats the problem.Start bussing them back...Why doesn't anyone talk about the fake documentation Illegals use like ID and SS number.We all have to show this to work in this country.False SS cards for an american is a felony.

  • ronda 6 years ago

    very simple solution-run the country the same way fiscally that you would run a business...same rules-you only spend money when you have cash in the bank.

  • C. Vita 6 years ago

    Weird. It appears that all the posts from earlier today have been deleted. There were dozens, if not hundreds, of ideas across the categories, but now they're gone and links back to them no longer function. So I guess we can only have a discussion that the House Repubs approve of?! Will "censorship" automatically appear on their new policy agenda?

  • WAS3 6 years ago

    The site was the target of anarchist yesterday. They wreaked havoc on the site slowing it to a crawl. They were simply spamming the web page with nonsense.

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