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America Speaking Out launched: Will you speak out?

House Republicans launched a new initiative yesterday called "America Speaking Out" (see video below). The program, led by Chief Deputy Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), is an attempt to engage the public in the creation of the Republican policy agenda. This new initiative follows the YouCut program introduced several weeks ago.

Get Involved!

According to the America Speaking Out website, the program "is your opportunity to change the way Congress works by proposing ideas for a new policy agenda. Republicans have offered solutions, and we have our principles, but this is a new venue for us to listen to you."

There is no guarantee that what is proposed or discussed online will make it into official Republican party policy. Instead, it is touted as a venue for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, to respectfully offer their opinions. The website states, "it is our hope that the active engagement of the American people will produce a robust debate that will aid in the construction of a new American agenda."

Participants of America Speaking Out must register a valid email with the site and set up a username and password. Then, participants can select a category within which they can submit an idea, vote on an idea, or post a response. Categories include:

  • American Prosperity - Providing Americans the opportunities to succeed
  • Fiscal Accountability - Restoring discipline and respecting your hard earned dollars
  • American values - Protecting those things we hold dear
  • National security - Providing a safe and secure nation
  • Open Mic - Start your own debate; Speak Out

Participants will also earn activity points and badges associated with their usernames. The most active users and their activity point totals will be displayed.

All of the original Contract from America planks have been submitted. If those are still items that are important to you, then you may go to the America Speaking Out website to vote for them again.

No doubt, Tea Party supporters will be actively watching this site to see if our voices are really heard. The Tea Party Examiner will be posting updates about this initiative here as appropriate.

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  • triviper 5 years ago

    web page was all messed up... must be bogged down with too many users.

  • Daniel Dainty 5 years ago

    I am an american.I'm in favor of the arizona bill.Close the borders now,whats the problem.Start bussing them back...Why doesn't anyone talk about the fake documentation Illegals use like ID and SS number.We all have to show this to work in this country.False SS cards for an american is a felony.

  • ronda 5 years ago

    very simple solution-run the country the same way fiscally that you would run a business...same rules-you only spend money when you have cash in the bank.

  • C. Vita 5 years ago

    Weird. It appears that all the posts from earlier today have been deleted. There were dozens, if not hundreds, of ideas across the categories, but now they're gone and links back to them no longer function. So I guess we can only have a discussion that the House Repubs approve of?! Will "censorship" automatically appear on their new policy agenda?

  • WAS3 5 years ago

    The site was the target of anarchist yesterday. They wreaked havoc on the site slowing it to a crawl. They were simply spamming the web page with nonsense.

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