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‘America's Worst Tattoos’ spoilers: Ugly nude woman tattoo needs a cover

America's Worst Tattoos
America's Worst Tattoos
America's Worst Tattoos/TLC

On America’s Worst Tattoos, the designers are put to the test to cover up a very ugly, naked woman on a customer. The tattoo is so bad that even the wife wants it redesigned into some else. Thankfully that’s why these ink artists are the best at their jobs and ideas start flowing on how to cover it up. According to Zap2it on Wednesday, the problem is that picking a design might be difficult. In one segment of the upcoming episode called Paying For A Tattoo With A Beer, there are two designs offered to cover the tattoo and it's going to be a tough choice.

The customer, Mark, had the idea of incorporate that tattoo to offset the tattoo he already has on his shoulders making almost a full back design. Making the designs come together, it seems like a mix that is possible. However, Jeremy, the professional tattoo artist is thinking of something entirely different. Leaving a tough decision to cover up a very ugly tattoo to the customer must decide and he wife weighs in too.

America's Worst Tattoos offers up a weekly look as some of the worst inked designs on the planet. Finding a way to make the image look good and the customer walk away satisfied is exactly how these tattoo artists roll.

America's Worst Tattoos airs Thursday, April 10 on TLC.