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‘America’s Worse Tattoos’ returns to TLC with some ugly ink to cover

"America's Worst Tattoos” is once again going to offer America a look at some awful tattoos as they try to cover up the ugly with some good images on TLC. A train wreck for a reality show, this unique aspect of tattoos has fans ready to watch the new season that debuts on Thursday night. According to on Wednesday, the locals will see tattoo artist Tim Pangburn, who specializes in covering up terrible ink at Fishtown's Art Machine Productions, on TLC.

Perhaps why this show is so unique is because of the perspective of what it offers. Showcasing the permanent mistakes that people make, it provides relief to those folks who have been unmercifully teased about artwork that just looks bad. Adding a fresh coat of ink, something good comes away from the chance encounter and everyone goes home satisfied.

While not everyone is ready for a tattoo, watching the characters who decide to put on the ink is equally as amusing. It’s part of their life and the tattoo means something important, but somehow it goes all wrong when the design looks bad and the teasing begins.

The return of “America’s Worst Tattoos” is on TLC. Airing Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. ET, the fans cans see how ugly art turns into beautiful designs.

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