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America’s ‘top cop’ goes gangsta on U.S. congressman

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A contemptuous Eric Holder spat at venom and hate at congress again, serving notice to Republicans that he would be gunning for them. During another hearing investigating illegal actions by the attorney general, Texas Representative Louie Gohmert remarked that Obama’s “top cop,” AG Eric Holder, thought little of Congress holding him in contempt for refusing to turn over documents from his office with his continued contempt. Holder responded, “Yo, buddy, don’t go there with me.”

AG Holder contemptuously addresses congressman with thuggish remark

Holder said he did not, in fact, take the charge lightly but considered it deeply insulting and undeserved, later implying in a speech to a crowd that it was racially motivated. Gohmert, a former judge, slapped down Holder saying no one who had been held in contempt ever addressed him in such a contemptuous manner. Holder’s action in this hearing alone spoke to his contempt for Republicans in Congress. Holder was held in contempt when he failed to produce required documents, redacted what he did turn over heavily, and illegally had Obama extend “executive privilege” over his department.

A comic mocked Holder’s thuggery using old west references, that Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas, aka Judge Roy Bean the hangin' judge, held a lynching in Washington of Barack Obama's top lawman, Attorney General Eric Holder, also known in Klan circles as Marshall Black Bart. Back at Hyppiecrits Hollow, aka the Oval Orifice, Barry Sotero, aka Barack Obama, took the time to celebrate the Democrat president who signed the Republican Civil Rights legislation that led to blacks becoming Democrat voter slaves on their welfare plantation. Abraham Lincoln rolled over in his grave.

For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of a great America sport that was the first to adopt civil rights pushed through the Democrat Congress by Republicans in 1965. The sport that permitted the first black athlete, Jackie Robinson, to compete and be paid professionally has now had one of its star Hall of Famers, Hank Aaron, slander the party of Lincoln that freed the slaves as torch bearers of the KKK that was formed by Democrats. This is a mental sickness and moral corruption in the hearts of the vast majority of African-Americans goes beyond intelligence and even sanity.

Holder whined to a crowd of Democrats, “What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What president has?” The answer is – Republicans!

If holding Holder in contempt for his contempt and admonishing Obama for his illegal actions is racism against blacks, then all criticism of Republicans is racism against whites. One observer commented that if Democrats want to make every debate in America about race and say any disagreement is racism, then let’s just all take off the gloves and tell the truth in black and white. His vehement condemnation of every race baiter as a racist pig, from Eric Holder to Chris Matthews, was justifiable frustration at the hatred incited by Democrats.

“I am sick to death of all the ‘n*gger’ bullsh*t! ‘N*gger this and n*gger that!’ If all Republicans are Klansmen then all Democrats are n*ggers and we can proceed from there with this black vs. white stupidity and never accomplish anything. Every person on Earth is a racist and all debate is about race, so let’s have both sides wear signs at all debates; Republican Klan and Democrat N*gger. From Holder’s lips to God’s ears, condemn everyone, white and black, as racist because of their race. It’s disgusting and contemptible.”