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America’s stuck in a Democratic “Mariana Trench”

President Obama playing a record number rounds of golf
President Obama playing a record number rounds of golf
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The $17.7 trillion debt is only one aspect of the problem America faces. The real stumbling blocks are the key people in office. Don’t bother asking our President what he’s going to do about all our many problems-he may miss his two foot putt. Congress is also on vacation, as if something constructive could get done there. Rand Paul and others have proposed numerous bills to turn this country around but Harry Reid nixed every one before they could gain traction. They are all bills to stimulate the economy and get things moving. This is why Congress has the lowest rating in history because they’ve not passed any bills to maximize freedom or prosperity. Their accomplishments lie in less freedom, more debt, ignored veterans and higher taxes.

The obvious question is what has the government done to resolve the debt and taxes? Increased them substantially is the only answer available. How then can we ever have confidence in representatives that don’t do the will of the people? The sad thing is when you look at Harry Reid’s stand when he took office; it was 180 degrees from where he stands now. What changed him? He’s one of many, many career politicians that don’t care about anything but their re-election and their party platform. Congress and the federal government have completely ignored the veterans that bought and preserve their freedom to the point where 25% have to rely on food stamps. The administration's VA answer was to throw money we don't have at it instead of resolving the problem.

Regarding immigration it’s documented that the Obama administration has released no less than 100,000 criminal aliens into the United States since he took office. Well over 600 were released late last year. So, all crimes committed by these criminals are attributed to the federal government. Should we the people hold them accountable for their crimes against American citizens? Should they be removed from office?