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'America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls:' finale, part 1

On this week's episode of "America's Next Top Model," we have the first part of a two part finale, featuring our top 3 finalists; Jourdan, Cory and Marvin. The models will shoot their Guess ad, and their spread for "Nylon" magazine, plus the past contestants (minus Chris M and Bianca) are back to lend their support to the finalist of their choice.

Cory's final shot for the Guess ad.
The CW
Marvin, Cory and Jourdan are the final three competing to be "America's Next Top Model."
The CW

The models return from last week's panel and are greeted by Jourdan's winning photo on the flat screen. Each of the models interview in their separate confessionals that they feel that they want this more than the others, and they're gonna take it.

But, before anyone can do anything else, it's time for Tyra Mail!!

"Guess who has what it takes to be a Top Model? Fierce and love, Tyra"

Everyone guesses that it means they'll be shooting their Guess ad. (That wasn't so hard to figure out.)

The next day, the models board their bus and are taken to a location that isn't mentioned, but looks like another resort. Johnny is waiting, and the models have changed into their "colors" that Tyra gave to them.

Johnny asks them what is up with the colors, as they are all wearing their matching medallions as well. They tell him that the colors represent their fans. Jourdan is "Smize Sunrise," Cory is "Fierce Fushia" and Marvin is "Booch Blue." Johnny tells them they will be shooting their Guess ad, and they meet their photographer, Yu Tsai. Marvin is psyched, as he once worked for Guess and he was always in awe of Yu's work.

Yu tells the models that to be a Guess model, they have to be sexy, bold and confident. Most importantly, they want someone that speaks to their potential customers.

Johnny tells the models that all models, sports figures and actors and actresses have their own entourages, and they've brought back some familiar faces that will be their "catwalk crew." You guessed it. It's the eliminated models. They will be coming out wearing the color of the person that they've personally chosen to support.

In order, we see Chlea, Mike, Kanani and Jiana. They all are wearing Fuchsia to support Cory. Next is Phil, Don, and Nina, who all pick Marvin. Surely Nina and Jeremy will pick Jourdan, right? Wrong. Both of them come out and pick Marvin, as does, unsurprisingly Renee, who gives Marvin a big hug and kiss. (Marnee is back together.) There's only one person left. It's Chris, and he is wearing orange, for Jourdan. Is Jourdan happy that someone is supporting her? No, she is instead unhappy, and says in confessional that she'd rather have no one support her than have a fake supporter in Chris. Chris, on the other hand explains that the only one of the three he can pick up a magazine and see her in it, and he wants to give the girl some support. Wow, Jourdan, do you now feel two feet tall now? You ingrate!

It's off to hair and makeup. Everyone is surrounded by their respective crews, and loving advice and support is given to each of the finalists.

Cory is up first, and he's nervous, knowing that his androgyny won't be doing him any favors for this client. He feels that the only way to win is to make sure he shows his masculine side, which he doesn't feel is true to himself, but he will do it anyway.

At first, Cory really struggles with looking purely masculine, but after Yu talks to him, saying it's not about masculine and feminine, it's about being himself, Cory loosens up and does a great job. Yu says it was magical.

Marvin is next, and he really wants to ace this shoot, but he's trying too hard, and he looks too intense, which Johnny says makes him look like he wants to kill somebody. Yu gives him some guidance, and suggests he smile a little bit. After that, he does better.

Jourdan is the final one to shoot. She's got the look, with her long legs and great body. Yu tells her that she looks great, but he's getting nothing from her eyes. Yu has her posing with her one leg bent and raised up, and Jourdan is having a hard time trying to stand like that. Johnny suggests to Yu that maybe they can put an apple box there for her to rest on, and Yu disagrees that they aren't there to make things easy. An argument ensues, and Jourdan hopes that the drama happening behind the camera doesn't come out on her face. In the end, she brings it, and Yu is happy, even though it took a while to get where he needed her to be.

That night, back at the house, Cory calls up his mom for some support, as he's feeling it's harder for him in the competition, because Jourdan and Marvin can be themselves, but he has to pretend to be something he isn't. His mom gives him her loving support and after the call, Cory feels a lot better.

Jourdan calls her boyfriend and gets some support from him. Marvin also gets to call his family, and he speaks to his dad, and he also feels so much better after the call. He wants to be the first Hispanic male to win America's Next Top Model.

The next day, the models go to yet another lovely location where they meet with Marvin Scott Jarrett, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Nylon Magazine, and J. Errico, who is the Fashion Director of Nylon Magazine. Marvin reminds the models that not everyone gets an 8-page spread in the magazine, and every shot will count.

The model's crews are not at the shoot. It's just the three of them and their photographer. Jourdan is first, and she poses in several locations, wearing different looks. She looks much more relaxed in this shoot.

Marvin is next, and he is photographed in the same locations as Jourdan. Finally, it's Cory's turn, and once more, he has to channel what he calls his "inner bro" so he can look masculine in the shots.

After the photo shoot, the models again pile into the bus and are taken to a park, where they meet Ken Mok, the executive producer of "America's Next Top Model." He tells them that the park is the site of their final runway. The model's support teams are back with them as everyone listens to what will be happening. Laura Fuest Silva, who is also an executive producer of the show tells the models that they won't be walking tonight. Instead, they will be shooting a fashion feature, which will be part of the final runway show.

Laura and Ken tell the models that it is important that they do a good job in the fashion feature, as not only will they be judged on their runway performance, but also how well they do in the fashion feature. The story is a love triangle. Jourdan is caught between two guys; Cory, who is the evil boyfriend, and Marvin who is the good suiter. This is something Jourdan is sadly familiar with, having been in a bad relationship with her first husband, who was abusive to her. Cory will not only have to make out with her, but he'll have to be physically abusive to her. Marvin has the easy role. Oh, also, the crews will have a guest spot in the feature, and Rob Evans and Cycle 19 ANTM winner Laura James, who makes yet another appearance this Cycle.

Rob will play a photographer, and Laura is the girl who is being replaced. Some of the scenes require Cory to make out with Laura and in another scene to grab her roughly, bruising her. He is really having a hard time with acting that way, but he seems to do a good job.

Later, in the house, the three models relax and talk about the day, with Marvin looking at the week they've had, and how appreciative he is at this experience.

The next day, everyone gathers around Johnny, who tells them the local designers whose clothes they'll be wearing. Jourdan and the girls will be wearing Tex Saverio, who has dressed tons of celebrities, including Lady Gaga. Marvin, and Cory will be wearing Louie Soliage (sp).

Now, it's time for a twist. Johnny addresses the catwalk crews, saying they picked who they would support based on how they feel about the person. But, do they really think that person is going to win? Johnny says that the crew for the winning model will each receive $1,000. The three finalists start getting worried that maybe their supporters will jump ship because of the money. So, will anyone switch? Everyone on Marvin's team is staying, but Mike from Cory's team decides to switch to Jourdan's team. Everyone else remains where they are.

The models go to hair and makeup, and again, they get support from their team. Then, as everyone is ready for the runway, Tyra shows up, 20 minutes before the show will begin, Tyra says that she has an announcement. Only two of them will compete in the runway show. One person is going home right now. With that Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans and BryanBoy come in to help Tyra with judging.

The judges will evaluate the models based on their Guess shot. The scores will be from the judges and social media. The critiques were as follows.

Marvin - Kelly thinks that his cheekbones work harder than he does, and she isn't sure if he's a model or a soap star. Rob doesn't think that it fits the Guess brand. Tyra thinks he is playing younger than he is. BryanBoy says that social media loved the shot.

Jourdan - Kelly thinks he looks like Daisy Duke, but she'd like a little less Daisy and a little more Duke. Rob thinks this definitely looks like she's a Guess girl. Tyra loves the booty tooch, but thinks Jourdan needed to stretch her neck more. BryanBoy says the fans loved the booty tooch, and think she looks like a pin up girl.

Cory - Kelly liked the photo, saying that he looks like a straight guy, but she doesn't know if he looks like THE guy. She says it looks more like a Facebook shot. Rob praises his masculine look, but he's not sure Cory is selling the clothes. Tyra thinks he's modeling his ass off.

Now, it's time to decide who is walking in the fashion show, and who is going home. I think they purposely left off Cory's social media comments so that people can't totally guess who is going home.

And, the person going home is…going to be announced next week. Of COURSE!!!

Tune in on Fri., Nov. 15 at 9:00 p.m. for the second part of the finale and find out who will be crowned the winner of "America's Next Top Model."

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