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'America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls' episode 8 recap

This week on "America's Next Top Model," the models will be faced with a challenge that has them running down the L.A. streets in their underwear, and one of the male models breaks down and cries.

Jourdan was called out first on episode 8 of "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls."
Jourdan was called out first on episode 8 of "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls."
The CW
Don's photo ranked 6th this week, but I personally thought it was better than that.
The CW

I don't know about you, but when I saw that promo for this week, I thought perhaps the guy that cried (which is the sub-title of this episode) would be Chris H., since the preview videos showed Marvin harassing him. But, as this episode begins and the models again return home from last week's panel, and shocking double elimination of Kanani and Jeremy, we see that Marvin is actually the tender-hearted one.

You see, Marvin is having a hard time losing all his good friends, and doesn't think he can take it anymore. Uh... Marvin, you're in a competition. The others WILL be going home each week. He doesn't seem to get it, though.

Jourdan, being the winner of the first call-out last week gets the Tyra Suite, but nothing is shown on who she picks to share it with her or any additional drama that may ensue from that choice.

Phil is once again shown as having problems with his ADHD, and being able to work out as much as he should, so he decides that he will jump over Jiana's head. What? Yes, he wants to take a running start and jump over her, but she isn't having it, so he nominates Marvin to take her place, and he actually does jump over him. Interesting.

The models are loaded up in their bus and taken to Melrose Avenue where they meet Kelly Cutrone, who issues this week's challenge. She tells them that this cycle, America's Next Top Model is partnered with the My Every Need shopping portal. It's also one of her clients, so she tells the models not to f*ck it up.

The challenge will be in two parts. In the first part, Kelly will ask the models fashion questions, and by answering correctly, they'll earn My Every Need credit, where they'll be able to use the credits to buy a slamming look from the shops in the area. The person with the best look will win a My Every Need gift card for $2,000, and of course be the challenge winner that week.

But first, they need to start with a blank canvas, so they need to strip to their underwear. Huh? Who thinks up these challenges? Walking around in your underwear on Melrose Avenue is just ridiculous.

Everyone strips down, and Kelly starts asking questions.

Who was the winner of the first cycle of ANTM?

A) Agyness Dean

B) Adrianne Curry

C) Lisa D'Amato

D) Cara Delevingne

And the answer is B. Adrianne Curry. Chris, Don, Jiana, Nina, Phil and Renee all get it right and earn $25.00.

The second question shows a photo of a famous designer. Marvin guesses correctly and scores $50.00, but poor Cory is devastated that he's not getting anything right. Renee even says, "Cory is gay. You're supposed to know these things. Come on!" Also earning $50.00 is Renee, Chris, Jiana, Nina and Jourdan.

Who was the highest paid model of 2012?

A) Adriana Lima

B) Kate Moss

C) Cindy Crawford

D) Giselle Bűndchen

The correct answer is D. Giselle Bűndchen. Nina, Renee, Jourdan and Marvin guess correctly. And Cory finally gets one right here too. They all earn $75.00.

The last question is worth $100.00.

What fashion trend was banned from Florida's public schools?

A) Chain wallets

B) Bandanas

C) Crop tops

D) Sagging pants

The answer is D. Sagging pants. Renee, Jourdan, Chris and Don got it right. And the final totals are:

  • Renee $250
  • Jourdan $225
  • Chris $175
  • Jiana $175
  • Nina $150
  • Cory $125
  • Don $125
  • Marvin $125
  • Phil $25

Wow, poor Phil has only $25.00 to buy an outfit. That's gonna be tough.

The models have 30 minutes to shop, and can only go to a specific five stores. Everyone runs to the stores and start trying to make their looks. Renee has the most to spend, but she admits that she hates shopping, but she's always complimented in panel on her outfits, so she thinks she is going to be ok. Marvin gets snippy at one store when he asks the salesperson for help getting him some shoes and Renee comes in. He tells her she has to go to another store. She doesn't let him rattle her though.

Before you know it, time is up and everyone comes back to Kelly, who is now standing with another woman, whom she introduces as Monica Rose, who is the stylist for the Kardashians and Giuliana Rancic. She'll be judging the challenge.

Monica loves Jourdan's cute black dress, but she calls the shoes "stripperella."

She asks Cory if he's wearing men's pants, and he tells her that yes, he is. She says they are too tight for her.

Kelly isn't impressed with Marvin's look with the rolled up pants, and Marvin unrolls the pants. Behind him, Chris, who also has his pants rolled up, unrolls his as well. This pisses Marvin off, as he feels that Chris always takes someone else's critiques and applies it to himself. Huh? Kelly doesn't feel the same way, and thinks Chris is smart to listen and change his own look. Monica didn't like Chris's shirt with the pants, but thinks he dressed well for his physique.

Monica says her eyes are drawn to the waistline of Jiana's dress, which is open with a chain looking pattern connecting the top with the bottom. I, personally love the look. Monica calls it "bondage."

Monica is not pleased with Phil's look, which consists of ripped leggings and a ripped t-shirt. (Keep in mind, he only had $25.00 to work with!) The clothes he picked are women's clothes. She felt he was mocking the situation.

Monica praises Nina, saying that she knows what works for her body, but she doesn't like the shoes.

Don uses his charm on Monica when it's his turn, saying that he picks shirts first that highlight his tattoos. She likes his thought process, and his tattoos. Don is giving her his sexy eyes as well.

Monica loves the pieces that Renee chose, but just not together.

And in the end, Monica announces the winner as Don. He wins a $2,000 gift card for My Every Need. Plus, he'll get to go out for ice cream. He gets to pick one guy and one girl. He picks Marvin and Renee.

Everyone returns to the model home to see the challenge scores. They are as follows:

  • Don 9
  • Nina 8
  • Chris 7
  • Jourdan 7
  • Renee 7
  • Marvin 6
  • Cory 5
  • Jiana 5
  • Phil 5

Marvin is having a problem with his score, and he decides to harass Chris, saying he didn't think his outfit was better than his own. Marvin says that he'll be getting more girls than Chris. Chris doesn't agree. The whole argument is just really petty and ridiculous. Marvin is all worked up and Chris is just sitting calmly, not letting it get to him.

The next day, the models hop in their bus, and are taken to the Lanark Art Gallery, where they see photos and videos of famous models. But, they're not different models. They are all Tyra portraying them. There is Tyra as Cindy Crawford,Tyra as Claudia Schiffer and Tyra as Kate Moss. The title of the exhibit is: The Supermodel Tyra untouched in black & white.

Soon, Tyra shows up and explains that the art exhibit will be touring art galleries all over, and that includes stills and living art (aka Flixels).

Tyra tells the models they will be part of the exhibit as living art. They'll be made up very natural and soft, and they'll have paint thrown on them. The motion of the paint will be the living art in the photo (again, Flixels). The photographer today is Udo, who is the same person that photographed Tyra in all the art exhibit photos.

Many of the models have a hard time with the paint being thrown at them, as they're told they have to keep their eyes open as the paint is coming at them. Some have a hard time finding a good pose. Cory gets good remarks from Johnny. Chris has a hard time with his shoot, and some of that is because of Marvin's remarks. Eventually, he gets good comments.

The next day in panel, the critiques went as follows:

Marvin is first. Kelly calls him the Hulk. She thinks he looks like he has a backache and is cross-eyed. Tyra thinks he can do better. BryanBoy says Marvin's fans are finding his modeling skills questionable.

Don is next. Kelly isn't feeling it. Rob thinks he needs to learn how to work his body. Tyra thinks he looks more like an athlete than a model. BryanBoy says he's improving in social media, but he's still in the middle.

Next is Jourdan. Rob thinks it looks like she's wearing a dress made out of paint. Tyra told her last week to make sure she gave neck, and this week, she is not only giving neck, she's giving H-2-T neck. Kelly says, this is what she's been waiting for. BryanBoy says she is the queen of social media.

Phil is next. Kelly hates the photo, saying it looks like diaper-palooza. Tyra thinks his face looks stunning, but his arm looks truncated and thick. BryanBoy says Phil's fans think he needs to be more aware of his body.

Next is Renee. Tyra mentions that Renee asked her questions when she was doing her makeup before the photo shoot, and she was looking forward to seeing if what she learned would be reflected in her photo. Everyone loves Renee's picture. Tyra compares her to the queenly stateliness of a girl from cycle 10 named Fatima. Kelly loves how she looks in person, but thinks she looks a little too mature in her photo. BryanBoy says her fans are blown away with her photo this week.

Jiana is next. Kelly thinks she looks like the ghost of the Titanic, underwater. Rob thinks she looks awkward. BryanBoy says her fans aren't responding well to the shot. Tyra thinks that Jiana is doing the inhale and hold it, rather than just the inhale.

Next is Chris. Kelly loves everything about the photo. His body looks great, and his eyes are fierce. Rob compares him to Marvin, who isn't as big as he is, but Marvin looks more strong in his photo. BryanBoy says Chris's fans love him.

Cory is next. Rob says he shouldn't go profile with his body, since he's so slim. Kelly says it's a little too Friday the 13th for her. BryanBoy says Cory's fans love his photograph, but his scores only went up a little.

Nina is the final model to be critiqued. He says that Nina has a very editorial-type face, and she can make herself look really edgy, but he feels the pose is a little too safe. Kelly disagrees, saying she feels a lot of power in the shot. Tyra thinks she's strong and powerful. BryanBoy says that Nina has the same social media score as Renee, and he asks her when she's really going to go for it?

The judging scores, challenge scores and social media scores were combined, and the call-outs were as follows.

1. Jourdan

2. Renee

3. Nina

4. Chris H.

5. Cory

6. Don

7. Marvin

The bottom two are Phil and Jiana. Phil is on the bottom again for the same reason as the previous week. He has potential, but it's not coming through in his photos. Jiana started so strong, and she's gotten worse every week. Who is going home? Jiana will be leaving the competition. Phil is safe again.

Next week the models go on go-sees. Jourdan is disappointed that she doesn't do better, because runway is her thing. And, Phil and Renee argue over if a girl or a guy will win the competition. Renee says that a girl will win, and Phil says that isn't the case. There are five guys left and only three girls. And, next week, we will see two… that's right, two people come back from the comeback series.

As a reminder, the models competing in the comeback series are--Chlea, Mike, Alexandra, Jeremy, Kanani and now Jiana. Who do you think will be returning? My bet is on Kanani and Alexandra. Post your predictions in the comments.

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