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'America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls' episode 7 recap

This week on "America's Next Top Model," the models are having some problems getting along. Someone gets pranked, and it affects how they do in the photo shoot, which is all about nail art. Read on.

Jourdan was called out first  on episode 7 of "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls."
Jourdan was called out first on episode 7 of "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls."
The CW
Kanani has trouble focusing during her nail art photo shoot after being traumatized by the clown doll prank the night before.
The CW

As the models arrive back home after panel, they are greeted with Cory's winning fragrance commercial. With his first call-out, he gets the keys to the Tyra Suite, and he has to decide who to share it with.

Cory felt bad for Jiana being in the bottom two, so he invites her to share the Tyra Suite and the Guess closet with him. The two of them hit the closet and start trying on clothes. Of course, you know what is going to happen. Yes, Phil has to come in as well, and start telling Jiana what looks good on her, and what both she and Cory should pick. Then, he has the nerve to start trying on clothes himself. At the point, Cory kicks him out, saying this is not your week, get out. He also mentions that Phil has Attention Deficit Disorder. This is something no one has mentioned up until now.

Chris and Nina are chatting in one of the rooms about the last challenge where they were a team. They talk about their friendship and how they can count on each other.

In another room, Marvin, Don and Jeremy decide they are going to prank the girls. They go into one of the girls' rooms and start taping clothes and shoes to walls and the ceiling and the bed. It's really strange.

The girls come in and they see they've been pranked, but they're not impressed. Jeremy mentions that Renee and Kanani have a fear of clowns, and maybe they'd have to think of something more along those lines next time.

Later on in the bathroom, all the girls are sharing a bubble bath, and they call a truce, because there was friction last week with Jourdan. Everyone decides to band together against the boys and send them all home.

The next day, the models are taken to a beautiful farm called the "GMJ Ranch." They are met by Kelly Cutrone, and a woman she introduces as Jackie Fraser-Swan, who is a fashion designer for "Emerson," She is also one of Kelly's clients. We find out that her great-great-great-grandfather is Ralph Waldo Emerson, which is where she got the name for her designs.

Kelly tells the models that they will be in the driver's seat, creating a campaign for Emerson. They'll need to come up with a concept, makeup and wardrobe. The Emerson line is just for girls, so Kelly has chosen accompanying clothing for the guys to wear. The shots will have to include a movement flixel like they have had in previous weeks. They'll also have to do "random acts of modeling," which is doing everyday actions, and making them look fierce.

The models will be in teams, and will be lead by the three models that girl top three call-outs last week--Cory, Kanani and Don.

  • Cory's team is: Jiana, Phil and Chris.
  • Kanani's team is: Renee and Jourdan.
  • Don's team is: Marvin, Nina and Jeremy.

The teams start coming up with concepts. Don's team decides to have a rancher and his wife, and the other two guys are trying to have a fling with the wife.

Cory's team has an extraterrestrial from the planet Androgony, and the others are discovering him. Cory decides to be the Extraterrestrial.

Kanani's team decides to just be three orphan's who are posing with farm equipment.

Phil's ADD gets the best of him and he decides to rip the sleeves off one of the designer t-shirts. Kelly sees this and tells him that is not acceptable, and he needs to go get a different shirt. She can't believe he just destroyed a shirt like that. (I can't either. OMG!)

Later, they try another shot, and Phil is standing up on a fence with a tree limb, acting like he's going to attack the alien. In the end, that idea didn't pan out, and Phil goes crazy, and tosses a big rock, which hits the fence and breaks it. Again, OMG. What is wrong with you, Phil?

Kanani's team poses by farm equipment, and they look fierce.

Cory's team lines up and then Phil decides that the moving part should be him running down the side of the photo. Cory disagrees, and they go with their first shot.

Don's team sets up their photo, and they have all the guys posing and Nina is looking through the camera and deciding what to do for the movement. They think they have this challenge in the bag.

Jackie and Kelly go over the campaigns, starting with Cory's team. Jackie likes that they took a risk with the idea, but she didn't think it sold the brand the way she would like it to. Kelly also mentions that breaking property will not look good for your team. (Thanks Phil!) With Kanani's team, Jackie loved both shots, thinking they really sold the clothes. With Don's team, Jackie thought the photo with Nina and the two guys looked ok, but the best photo was the three guys, with the action being Marvin brushing his hands together, and making dust. However, Nina wasn't in the shot, so no Emerson clothing was shown. Because of this, the winning team is Kanani's team.

Challenge scores are as follows:

Kanani 9

Renee 9

Jourdan 9

Don 7

Jeremy 7

Nina 7

Marvin 7

Cory 6

Phil 6

Jiana 6

Chris H. 6

Chris is really upset with his low score and he starts having a hissy fit, yelling at people. Nina tries to calm him down and he starts yelling at her too, saying no one is on his side. Nina totally goes off on him, saying that she rarely loses her temper, but he got her so angry that now she is upset as well. He tries to apologize, but she's not having any of it.

The girls go to bed that night and the guys decide to play their clown prank. They get two clown dolls and put them in the girls' bedroom. This totally freaks Kanani out, and she is screaming and crying and telling someone to get it away from her. The weird thing is that Renee doesn't even seem to have a problem, and she is actually one of the people trying to comfort Kanani, who is so freaked out, she has to take a puff from an inhaler.

The next day, the models arrive at Smashbox Studios, where they're met by Johnny Wujek. He tells them that Tyra has an obsession with nail art, and so they'll be doing a photo shoot with Top Model themed nail art, and they'll be posing solo.

Chris tries to talk to Nina, but she's still upset with him, and won't even speak to him.

Today's photographer is Franco Lacosta.

Jiana is first, and she has "Tooch Nails. She has a problem giving Franco what he's looking for. He keeps giving her instructions, and she seems to look great, but he doesn't seem happy.

Nina has the "Na Na Na Nails." (Think of the theme song for the show.) She tries, but she's still upset with Chris, and it's bringing her energy down. He's not happy with her either.

Chris is next, and he has the "H-2-T" nails, which have chains connecting them. He gives his normal squint, and he's having a problem with his shoot, failing to connect to the camera. It's not looking good for Chris.

Cory is next. He has the "Tyra nails," which is nails with pictures of Tyra on them. He looks fierce, and Franco is loving it.

Jeremy is making jokes about him and Jourdan and their kiss on the last shoot. This pisses Jourdan off, and she goes off on him, telling him to grow up and stop acting desperate and obsessed with her. This gets him mad, and he remarks, "You wonder by no one likes you?"

When it's Jeremy's time to shoot, his nails are "Booch nails." He just looks lost in his shoot. And he's not focused.

Marvin is next. His nails are "Flawsome Nails." Franco gives him instructions in Spanish, and he gets really great results.

Renee is next, and her nails are "POT LEDOM" nails, which is "Top Model" backwards. She does really well.

Don has "fierce nails." He gets some instruction, but not a lot of screen time, so I'm guessing he did so-so.

Phil is next. His nails are "XX20" nails, for the twentieth cycle. He seems to be giving feminine looks, and isn't getting good results.

Kanani is next. She has "Smize" nails. She is still remembering the clowns and is having trouble concentrating, and she looks scared.

Jourdan is next. She has nails that are "186" nails. That represents all the countries that have Top Model shows. She does fabulous with her posing. That's a wrap!

Back at the house, the models gather to read the elimination skull mail

"Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only 9 of you will continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model."

What? 9???? That means it's another double elimination. Everyone is starting to get really worried.

The critiques at panel went as follows:

First up is Cory. Kelly loves his masculine energy. Rob thinks he killed it, and Tyra thinks it's slamming.

Next is Don. Ron thinks Don has a face that is editorial and commercial. Kelly doesn't feel his fierceness.

Kanani is next. Kelly adores the shot. Rob thinks she looks tired, and her eyes look dead. Tyra thinks it looks like Kanani is waiting for them to adjust the light. BryanBoy says her fans are complaining about the lack of intensity from her eyes.

Next is Jourdan. Kelly loves it, and thinks it's high fashion. Tyra loves it, but thinks it would be even better if she was showing her neck. BryanBoy says that her fans were blown away.

Phil is next. Rob thinks he looks feminine. Tyra and Rob don't like it either. BryanBoy says that Phil's social media scores are unusually low this week.

Next is Jiana. Rob thinks she killed it. Kelly likes it, but it could be better. Tyra thinks she needs to find her angles. BryanBoy says her social media scores are her lowest yet.

Nina is next. Her nails are "Na na na na nails," and Kelly says it's more like "No no no no no." Tyra says she needs to practice her angles. In a video from her fans, they are loving the shot.

Next is Chris. Rob thinks it's great. Kelly thinks he looks a little cross-eyed. Tyra thinks the shot is insanely gorgeous. BryanBoy says that his fans aren't happy with the shot.

Renee is next. Kelly loves her eyes in the shot. Tyra wants to know "where is the neck?" BryanBoy says her social media scores are the highest to date, but they're still in the lower end of things.

Jeremy is next. Kelly thinks the photo is not doing it. Rob says that Jeremy is a body guy, and in this shot, which is a face shot, he's just not giving it. Tyra thinks it's ok. The fans aren't loving the shot.

Marvin is next. Kelly thinks he looks like a prisoner in the dungeon of the divine. Rob thinks Marvin looks like a top working male model. Tyra loves it. BryanBoy says he has the highest social media scores ever.

The social media scores and challenge scores are added to the judges scores, and the call-outs went as follows:

  1. Jourdan
  2. Marvin
  3. Cory
  4. Chris
  5. Don
  6. Renee
  7. Nina
  8. Jiana

The bottom three are Phil, Jeremy and Kanani. The person that is safe is oddly Phil. What? Jeremy and Kanani are going home. Jeremy had the lowest score, and Kanani was second lowest. I think Phil should have gone home rather than Kanani. Marvin cries as Kanani is eliminated, and he feels that it's his fault due to the dumb clown prank.

Next week, it looks like Marvin is hassling Chris, saying he's got acne on his face, and he's supposed to be cute as a model. The models will have a photo shoot where they have paint thrown on them as they pose. Tune in on Sept. 13 at 9:00 p.m. on The CW to find out what goes on, and who will go home next.

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