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'America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls' episode 14 recap

On this week's episode of "America's Next Top Model," the models will have a photo shoot with bats, plus there is a fitness challenge, and there is another shocking double elimination, bringing the total of models down to three for the first part of the finale next week.

Laura was called out first on episode 14 of "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls."
The CW
At panel in episode 14, the top 5 finalists learn that there will be another double elimination this week. This will pare the contestants down to the final 3 that make it to the finale.
The CW

At the start of the episode this week, the models return to their lovely suite at the Ayana Resort to find Jourdan's winning photo displayed on the flat screen tv. Jourdan views her photo and interviews that she's scared, because even though she got best photo, Nina got best photo two weeks in a row, and this last week, she had a bad shot and was eliminated. So, Jourdan knows that she has to kill it every time.

I wondered who she would choose to share the Tyra Suite with her, since her best bud Nina is now out of the competition. Surprisingly, she picked Cory, even though they had never really had a close relationship. He assumes it is because they both were really close to Nina, and both are sad to see her go.

Everyone gathers in the living room and Chris brings up that he knows everyone thought he should have gone home instead of Nina. Renee really badmouths him, saying there is a place in hell for him. Cory, who usually is the peacekeeper, has finally had it, and even he tells Chris that he feels that Chris is one way in front of the judges and another when he's around the other models. He feels that he's fake.

Chris gets mad and starts yelling that he doesn't need any of them to like him, and he leaves the room. Marvin, who wasn't involved in the whole drama, was swimming out back, and Chris confronts him, saying how everyone is ganging up on him and he lashes back because of the abuse that he took from his mom when he was growing up. Marvin isn't sure what to say, as he has never been close to Chris, and doesn't want to be close to him now.

It's time for a Tyra Mail!

"Only the STRONG will SMIZE. Fierce and Love, Tyra."

The next day, the models are taken to a beach that is accessed by a long staircase down the cliffside. On the beach is Rob, along with ANTM Cycle 19 winner Laura James. (Hey, this is her second appearance this cycle.) Laura, besides being a model, is also a fitness instructor. She tells everyone that their challenge today will have them running back up the stairs they just descended, and the one to get to the top first earns a medallion. The winner of the challenge will get to be in a fitness video with Laura and Rob.

The running challenge isn't the only thing they'll be doing. We see the guys taking instructions from Rob to Jab, Jump and Pose. Huh? Ok. Of the guys, Marvin does the best. Next, the girls try it. Renee is the winner.

Ok, now they do the running. The other challenge was to find out who would get a 3 second head start on the others. I mean, there's only so much room on the stairs, so they needed to space out the people a bit.

Renee heads up the stairs, followed shortly by Jourdan. Renee starts out strong but slows down as she gets about halfway up. Jourdan does her best, but Renee comes out on top and gets the medallion. Jourdan follows shortly afterward, and she gets lightheaded and she says she can't breathe, so a medic is called. He doesn't seem to do anything, and after a bit Jourdan is fine.

Next is the guys. Marvin will go up first, followed by Cory and lastly by Chris. That is the order they finish as well. So, looks like Marnee will be together in the fitness video with Laura and Rob. Not only that. They will get a spa treatment together. Marvin takes advantage of the time alone with Renee to make out in the pool.

Back at the house, once again, Marvin and Renee are sleeping together, but it seems that sleeping is not all they are doing, as Chris says they are keeping him up at night. Cory says he's living in fornication nation, and he misses his boyfriend, so he calls him via Skype to find his boyfriend is getting ready for a drag contest. They talk for a bit and Cory feels better at being able to see him.

The next day, the models are taken to a temple. Soon, there is sounds of squealing, similar to a baby pig...but it's not a pig, it's a bat. They meet up with Johnny and their photographer, Jez Smith (he's the one that shot them last week as well.).

Johnny is holding a bat, and he welcomes the models to the "Bat Temple," and Jez explains that they will be shooting hanging upside down with bats, wrapped in a lovely silk wrap, and they have to look fierce.

Marvin is first, and he is not fond of the bats, but he does a terrific job with his poses, which he stole from Cory.

Next is Jourdan. She does ok, but nothing fantastic. Renee also doesn't do all that well, and she doesn't respond to the directions that Johnny is giving her. All of a sudden, she passes out, and they pull her down. All the blood rushing to her head caused her to lose consciousness.

Chris is next. He doesn't do much, and he's having a hard time. No one, except Marvin, so far, has really had any success with this shoot. They take him down and talk to him a bit, and when he goes back up, he does much better.

Cory is last, and he starts kind of slow, but Jez is impressed at the end. And that's a wrap!

Back at the house, Renee confides in Cory that she is worried that she didn't get a good shot. But, there's no time to commiserate, because it's "Skull mail" time!

"Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Who will continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model?"

At judging, the critiques went as follows:

Jourdan was first. Kelly points out the strangeness of Jourdan's hand, saying it looks like she is doing bat sign language. Rob likes it, though. (I missed some of the critique, since my episode didn't tape on my DVR. DirecTV decided to change the location of The CW, and totally remove the channel number it was scheduled to tape on, so I had to watch the episode online, and some things seem to have been skipped. :( Sorry.)

Cory is next. Rob wasn't crazy about his feminine pose, and Cory said he liked to work his androgyny. Again, I missed much of his critique.

Renee was next. Rob thought it was ok, but he didn't like her face. Kelly thought she looked like a kite that got caught in a thunderstorm and got stuck in a tree. She is worried that Renee is going to need a lot of time to get a good shot, and that would cost her client a lot of money for all that time. Tyra thinks she looks amateur in the photo.

Cory is next. Again, it skipped his critique. All I heard was the Social Media really liked it, and Kelly said she was disappointed in him.

Marvin is the final model to be critiqued. Kelly loved the photo. Tyra loves his cheekbones so much she falls out of her chair. BryanBoy prays to Marvin to please show a different face. He always looks the same. Unknown what the social media thought, since again... I did not get to see everything that was said.

The judges scores were added to the challenge scores and the social media. That will determine which two people will be going home.

The callouts went as follows:

  1. Jourdan
  2. Marvin

The bottom three are Chris, Cory and Renee. The first person who is going home is Renee. The second person who is going home is Chris. That leaves Cory to compete with Marvin and Jourdan in the finale.

Next week is the first part of the finale. Some of the former finalists come back, and it looks like Cory has to make out with Jourdan. Then, Tyra has a very important announcement to make. But, she doesn't tell you what it is. You'll have to tune in on Fri., Nov. 8 at 9:00 p.m. on The CW to find out what the scoop is from Tyra. Plus, you'll find out which finalists returned, and the reason they are there?

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