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'America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls' episode 13 recap

On this week's episode of "America's Next Top Model," the models will have a photo shoot in a rice field. They'll go on an elephant ride, where Marvin and Renee share an elephant and a kiss. The couple has now earned the nickname "Marnee." Whether good or bad news, everyone finds out there is no challenge this week, and shockingly, there will be a double elimination. That's something no one wants to hear.

Jourdan was called out first on episode 13 of "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls."
Jourdan was called out first on episode 13 of "America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls."
The CW
The top 7 wait during judging to find out which two of them will be packing their bags and leaving the competition.
The CW

The models finally get to see their digs at the Ayana Resort. Everyone relaxes on pillows placed on the floor, and the room is lit by a multitude of candles, making it very peaceful. Everyone seems to be accounted for except for Marvin, who is crying by himself outside, due to being in the bottom two last week. Once more, it's Chris who irritates everyone. Jeremy interviews that he feels that Don should still be here, and Chris should be gone, as he didn't feel Chris had a better photo than Don.

Nina is psyched about having top photo, and she feels with two straight wins, something is telling her that she is going to be America's Next Top Model. She certainly is on the upswing.

All of a sudden Tyra comes in the room, and she asks how everyone is, then notices Marvin is missing. She decides to go outside and talk with him. He's shocked that she is there, and he tells her he's feeling like he's not taking advantage of his opportunity, and that he's just a janitor's son. Tyra gives him a pep talk, and Marvin feels much better, so they both go back inside where the others are waiting.

Tyra talks to all the models, giving them some encouragement. We find out Chris is jealous of everyone else being friends, and no one is friends with him. Nina speaks up that she's his friend and she loves him. He tells her he's not looking for romance, and totally brings her down. He says he doesn't need anyone to rescue him, and she feels really bad, not having known that was how he felt before.

Later on Renee, Jourdan and Jeremy are chatting alone, and Nina comes over and sits with them. Renee and Jourdan tell her that Chris is not her friend, and she needs to look out for herself and forget about him. She says she has a hard time thinking of him as a bad person.

The next day, out by the pool, there is yet another confrontation where Chris is being a jerk. I won't go into everything that was said, as it was just ridiculous.

Later in the day, everyone boards the bus, which takes them to a gorgeous area of rice paddies. Tyra meets them and tells them their photo shoot will be about "green" clothing. They'll be "one" with nature. There are two designers that will be supplying the clothing they'll be wearing -- Oka Diputra, who is one of Indonesia's biggest designers, and Rafi A. Ridwan, who is from Jakarta. He is a child prodigy who had his first fashion show at the age of 9. He is now 11, and he's also deaf.

Tyra does the makeup on the models. The photographer for the shoot is Jez Smith, who has been on Cycle 19 of Top Model.

During the shoot, Marvin does well, but Renee has some problems being consistent. Cory is in his element and he really does amazing.

Jourdan does well, but Jez thinks she still needs to learn her angles.

Chris comes into the shoot with a bad attitude, and he is nearly giving up before he even starts. Johnny says he's not connecting with the camera. Nina is having problems during her shoot, as she tries to be supportive of Chris, and forgets to take care of her own self. Jez says that Nina has a great editorial look, but there is a disconnect between what is happening with her face, and what is happening with her body.

Jeremy has problems with his muscular body, and his editorial face not matching. It's questionable if his photo turned out.

When the shoot is done, Tyra tells everyone that they won't be going home after the shoot. Instead they will be visiting the spiritual colony of Ubud. Tyra also informs everyone that this week there is no challenge. It's all about the photo. Now she tells them, after everyone has finished shooting. Some people are worried.

At Ubud, the models interact with monkeys and get spiritual readings from a local shaman. That night, they stay at the Elephant Safari Park, where there are actual elephants in their back yard.

The models get to meet the elephants, and Nina and Jourdan share an elephant, Cory is with Jeremy, Marvin of course is with Renee, and Chris is all alone on his elephant.

Soon, everyone is prompting Renee and Marvin to share a kiss. At first, she doesn't want to, as she says she isn't into public displays of affection. Eventually she gives in, and she and Marvin start smooching.

That night, everyone returns to their home at the Ayana Resort, where they are greeted by the elimination skull mail.

"Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. NO ONE is safe."

At judging the next day, the critiques are as follows:

First up is Marvin. Kelly loves the shot, saying he is smoldering hot, and she loves his bone structure. Rob called him a "Balinese Prince." Tyra says he looks like her little brother. BryanBoy says social media loves the shot as well.

Next is Renee. Rob loves the picture because Renee looks like she's not modeling. She looks very natural. Kelly doesn't like the shot, saying Renee looks like a sad little girl who has been working in the rice fields all day, and she wants to go to a dance party on the other side of the valley. Tyra thinks she can do better.

Jourdan is next. Rob thinks this picture doesn't look real to him. He thinks she's over-modeling. Kelly thinks she looks like a beautiful goddess. Tyra loves the angles. She loves a model that is modeling. BryanBoy says the fans love the shot, and she stole the gold medal from Nina this week.

Next is Cory. Kelly thinks the shot is absolutely beautiful. She loves his angles. Rob tells him he doesn't think Cory needs to always be high fashion. Tyra loves the way Cory is working his androgyny. The fans love him embracing his androgynous self.

Nina is next. Kelly thinks the photo reminds of her of the Russian nesting dolls with a babushka-type of face. She doesn't like what she's doing with her face. Tyra thinks it looks like a still from a music video. BryanBoy says that even though the judges didn't like her photo, her fans did.

Next is Chris. Rob likes that Chris isn't overdoing it in the shot. Kelly thinks Chris looks like a cross-dresser. Tyra agrees with Rob on the "not over-posing" that Chris is doing. She thinks the shot looks very natural. BryanBoy says the fans loved his shot, and his social media score went up.

Jeremy is the last to be critiqued. Rob says every time he sees Jeremy's photos, he doesn't see a model. Tyra thinks that Jeremy has something special, and he's too good to be just a commercial model. BryanBoy says Jeremy has a very loyal fan base, but they're just expecting more from him.

The judge's scores are added to the model's social media score, and the call-outs went as follows:

  1. Jourdan
  2. Marvin
  3. Cory
  4. Renee

The bottom three are Chris, Jeremy and Nina. Two of them will be going home. The person with the lowest score was Nina. OMG! The next lowest score belongs to Jeremy. Chris is staying.

Next week, everyone seems to gang up on Chris, saying he should have gone home instead of Nina. At the photo shoot, it looks like Jourdan nearly blacks out and a medic is called. The photo shoot requires the models to pose with bats. Tune in next Fri., Oct. 25, at 9:00 p.m. on The CW to see what happens next.

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