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'America's Next Top Model: Guys and Girls' episode 10 recap

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This week's episode of "America's Next Top Model," was a review of the previous weeks, plus some never-before-seen footage from the show.

I'll be brief and just point out some of the highlights, rather than list everything that was shown. A portion of the show included what Tyra refers to as "Cycle 20 Phil-er," which are moments with contestant Phil acting crazy and strange.

There was a lot of flirting going on, including two episodes of hooking up -- one, never-before-seen hook up was between Bianca and Mike. Note: Bianca is the youngest contestant, and Mike is the oldest. They slept together, but insisted that all that happened was snuggling and actual sleeping. The other hook up was between Marvin and Renee, which was shown on last week's show. Again, the pair say that nothing happened, other than sleeping.

Cycle 19 winner Laura James visits the model house, and gets to meet the guys, who are anxious to show off for her.

We also count down the "Top 10 Flirty Moments of Cycle 20."

#10 - Marvin and Hayley's masquerade runway walk together, complete with the lipstick kiss at the end.

#9 - Out at the hot tub during the first night at the house, Jeremy admits that he likes to flirt with Jourdan. Jourdan claims she has no feelings back for Jeremy, but Cory doesn't believe it.

#8 - We see Cory trying to give Mike some advice on his walk and how to take what the judges say and make it work. Cory is definitely liking Mike's looks, which he calls "flawless."

#7 - Marvin shows that he really is "starvin' Marvin," as he admits that he has one condom, and it expires next week, and he wants to use it with Bianca. He tells her that he has the Tyra Suite, and invites her to join him for a few minutes.

#6 - While Marvin has it bad for Bianca, She seems to be more into Mike. The two end up taking their flirtation to bed with them, and they end up sleeping together.

#5 - Nina loves her hoola hoop, and she gives a performance in a dark room, using lighted hoola hoops, as she moves around. This turns fellow model Jiana on.

#4 - Even though he claims to have a girlfriend, Don is attracted to Alexandra, who also has a boyfriend. When he was in the bottom two, he needed some cuddling, so he turned to Alex for comfort.

#3 - This flirty moment involves Jiana and Renee taking a bubble bath together. The guys are enjoying watching them, teasing them about where their hands are underneath the bubbles.

#2 - The models played the Top Model game "Truth, Tooch or Dare." This is just like the popular "Truth or Dare" game with the added option of "Tooch." If you spin and land on "Tooch," you have to get up and show your best tooch (or booch for the guys) move.

Jeremy spun and got "Dare," so he had to pick someone to kiss for 10 seconds straight. You might think he would have picked Jourdan, but he actually chose Jiana, and there was no chemistry at all. She was NOT interested.

#1 - The top flirty moment belongs to Renee and Marvin. Renee admits to having a dream about Marvin where he was laying next to her, and when she woke up, she thought he was next to her, He tells her they should make that dream come true.

Later that night in the Tyra Suite, Renee admits her crush on Marvin to Jourdan, who tells her to not hold things inside. Renee says she wants to know how to make it stop. Jourdan tells her to think of Rob. Renee pauses a moment, and says, "OK, that worked."

At the very end, we re-live the last panel where Phil is eliminated, and Tyra brings back the eliminated models who were in the "Comeback Series." We find out that the person with the highest social media score is Alexandra, so she will join the models and travel to Bali for the next part of the competition. But, Tyra also says that since this Cycle is Guys and Girls, and she announced the top girl, she will also announce a top guy.

Once again, we are left hanging until NEXT WEEK, when we will find out just which guy-- Mike, Jeremy or Phil, will be going to Bali with the other contestants. Tune in on Oct. 4, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT to find out which guy that will be, and who will be eliminated next.

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