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‘America’s Next Top Model’ cycle 21 – Episode 2 recap

We’re back for another episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” and this week, the 22 semi-finalists will be pared down to the 14 that will make it into the house.

Adam is a finalist on "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21.
The CW
The 22 semi-finalists entertwine for a group photo on "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21.
The CW

We see the finalists begin to get to know each other, and Ben finds out that Kari went to Iowa State, and he’s from Iowa, so they form a bond. He also is drawn to party animal Adam, and the two form a friendship, and do pull ups in the doorframe.

That night, everyone heads to the subway stop of Hollywood and Vine, where they meet Franco Lacosta. Franco was one of the photographers on America’s Next Top Model last season, and he issues the first challenge to the models.

The challenge is this. The models will be taking the subway, and they’ll get off on four stops—one for each season. Each stop will have racks of clothes for that particular season, and the models will have a few minutes to put together a look and get dressed and get back on the subway train before the doors clothes. They must use a minimum of three items. Anyone left behind is eliminated from the challenge. Once on the train, the models that make it back will pose for Franco, and try to impress him with their poses.

Franco counts down, and it’s go time. Everyone runs down the stairs to the platform, some of them actually stripping down as they run to get a head start on things. It’s a mad rush and everyone makes it back on the train.

Franco starts photographing each of the models, and he’s definitely hard to please, telling Romeo he needs to work on his poses, as he looks the same in every one. He tells Lenox that her outfit is kind of plain, and she knows she better step it up if she wants to win the challenge.

Next stop, summer! Everyone runs off the train and quickly grab new clothes from the racks. People are grabbing clothes and accessories and soon it’s time to get back on the train again. Everyone makes it back on, except for poor Lenox who is left behind in her underwear and a sleeveless blouse.

Franco photographs the 21 models that are left, and when he gets to Mirjana, he notices that she only has two items, and the minimum is three. She is disqualified.

Next stop – fall. The models rush once more to find things to wear and make it back on the train in the two minute time limit. Things aren’t looking good for a majority of them, and as the doors close, only six of them actually make it back on the train in time.

Danny is excited that Romeo didn’t make it on the train. Ivy, Zaquan, Kari, Matthew and Ben, who doesn’t have any shoes, and is called out on it by Franco, all make it back on the train as well. The next stop is winter.

Ben concentrates on getting shoes, and everyone else is hurrying to get dressed as quick as they can. In the end, the door closes and Ben is left holding his shoes and partially dressed on the platform. There is only two models who made it back on the train, and those are Matthew and Danny.

Everyone meets again on the platform, and it’s time to announce the winner. Franco decides Matthew (whom he called boring various times during the shooting), is the winner. He is psyched.

In the afternoon, the models all go out to the beach, where they make s’mores and Matthew, seeing that Mirjana is cold, gives her his jacket. Oooh, could this be the first hook-up of the cycle?

But, we all know that the models aren’t on the beach just to chill and have fun. It’s time for work, and soon Kelly Cutrone arrives with a man. She introduces him as Yu Tsai, saying he is a world renowned photographer, and he’ll be photographing them today, and he’ll be the creative consultant on every shoot.

So, what’s the shoot? Yu tells them that they will all be intertwined together to create a sexy group shot, and it will be their job to see that they stand out from the rest of the models in the shot.

Yu takes each model aside and talks to them. He’s really impressed with Chantelle’s confidence. Matthew gets off on the wrong foot, as when Yu calls him Matt, he tells him he prefers Matthew. Yu gets a bit snippy, and says that until he’s Top 14, he can hold off on the corrections. Yu isn’t impressed by Matthew’s modeling skills either, saying that he only models from the waist up. Yu thinks Ivy is like a blank canvas, and with training, she can be a good model. Yu thinks that Josh needs a cow to milk, so he can be natural. Boy, Yu is really harsh! Mr. Jay was never like this.

After all the single shots are done, Yu has everyone lay down in the sand and intertwine for the group shot. Several shots are taken, and we shall see in judging who stood out, and who will not make the cut.

Tyra, Miss J and Kelly prepare to go over the photos. Tyra thinks Adam has too much hair. Kelly doesn’t think he looks like a model. Miss J thinks Ben looks like someone from a boy band. Yu loves Chantelle. Kelly thinks she has real potential. Miss J thinks Ivy is like a little bird. Miss J likes Danny, and Tyra mentions that Danny has the highest amount of “likes.” Miss J says that 1,000 of them are him. Tyra likes Romeo’s wickedness. Yu is on the Denzel train. As for Will, Yu calls him “our resident ballerina.” Kelly loves Will. Yu says he gave Josh two tries, and he didn’t really feel anything from him. He really loves Lenox, and Kelly calls her “my little indie girl.” Tyra says everything about Kari’s face is wrong, but it’s just so right. Kelly isn’t crazy about Shei, saying she has no personality. The judges like Mirjana, but think Raelia needs to work on her diction. Yu thinks that Keith is one note.

It’s time for the cuts. Everyone gathers up to find out who will make it to the house, and who will be going home.

And the finalists are:

  1. Chantelle
  2. Will
  3. Keith
  4. Mirjana
  5. Kari
  6. Matthew
  7. Lenox
  8. Ben
  9. Romeo
  10. Ivy
  11. Raelia
  12. Shei
  13. Adam
  14. Denzel

Tyra welcomes the Top 14 to cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model. She says their first challenge is about to start tonight. They’ll be walking in a fashion show, and the only thing they will be wearing is silly string.

Tune in next Mon., Sept. 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW to see who will excel in a fashion show wearing only silly string. Yikes!

View the final photos of the Top 14 by clicking on the link above.

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