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‘America’s Next Top Model’ cycle 21 – Episode 1 recap

Chantelle and Matthew take their selfies at the end of the runway in episode 1 of 'America's Next Top Model' cycle 21.
Chantelle and Matthew take their selfies at the end of the runway in episode 1 of 'America's Next Top Model' cycle 21.
The CW

It’s been a while since we had a new cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” to watch, but the watch is now officially over, as cycle 21 premiered on Mon. night (Aug. 18).

The girls get a look at the guys through a two-way mirror in episode 1 of "America's Next Top Model."
The CW

As previously mentioned, this is another cycle of guys and girls, and we get to meet 31 models who will compete to make it on the show. This includes cycle 20 applicant, Danny. Will he make it all the way to the house this cycle? Read on to find out.

The show starts out with the models all heading to the “Supper Club” where there will be an “EDM Party.” (EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music.)

The theater is divided by a curtain separating the left and right sides, and the guys are on one side and the girls are on the other. In the front, both groups can see a catwalk with a lone male figure on it. Who could that be? Finally, the camera shows a close up of the person, and low and behold, it’s Cory Hindorff of Cycle 20. Yeah! He was my favorite from last cycle.

Cory tells the models that they will be walking in an “EDM” runway show later that night. Each model will be rocking a hashtag that represents who they are as a person. At the end of the runway, each model will take a selfie of themselves using the social media app “Line.” That will be the photo that the judges will be seeing to judge them on.

Each group goes into separate dressing rooms where they will go into hair and makeup to get ready for the show. Cory makes an appearance in the guy’s dressing room and says he wants to see what they got right now. He uncovers a mirror on a curtained wall which is revealed to be a two-way mirror, where the girls in the other dressing room can watch the guys walk.

Will is a little embarrassed about his chest, because he’s not as ripped as some of the guys in the room, but he makes it work. Keith knows that he’s a favorite with the ladies. He was a former football player that had an injury that ended his playing days, so now modeling is his number one passion.

As the guys walk, they can hear the girls screaming in the other room, and they realize that they are being watched. Cory then offers them a chance to see the girls, and they switch up the mirror to reveal the girls side, and now the girls can’t see the guys, but the guys can see the girls.

Denzel is impressed by Marjana, while a number of guys mention how they are really into Kari, who has really striking eyes. Matthew sees Chantelle, who has a skin condition called vitiligo, which causes her to have light patches on her dark skin. He thinks she looks really interesting.

It’s time for the runway show. Cory goes out on the runway and welcomes everyone to the “EDM” themed runway show. He then says he’s happy to introduce the queen diva, a sister to his own heart. At that, we see someone descending from the ceiling on a swing. Who could it be? Of course, it’s Tyra!

She welcomes everyone to cycle 21 of “America’s Next Top Model,” adding that Cory was from the first cycle with guys, and that cycle was then, and this is now, so they don’t want any duplication. They want originality. Then, with a little poem about a runway queen, saying “stomp your ground.”

Out comes a figure all in black with a hood over their head. Now, who the heck could that be? At the end of the catwalk, the figure removes the hood, and we see it’s Miss J. (Hey, you knew that already, didn’t you?) He says, “I’m back!”

Now it’s time for the show, and the models each come out in pairs and take their selfies. Their bodies are adorned with glow-in-the-dark paint, and they are dressed in very revealing clothing.

After the show, the models must personalize their photos with the “Line” app. This is the photo that the judges will use to judge them.

Our three judges, Miss J, Tyra and Kelly Cutrone are seated on a raised stage as they prepare to judge the model’s photos.

First up is Adam. He says he is a self-proclaimed partier. (Somehow, this doesn’t seem like an aspiration that someone should strive for.) Adam says his ideal day is:

10:00 – wake up

10:01 – sex

10:03 – food

12:00 – pool

2:05 – beer

3:30 – more sex

10:00 – club

10:05 – booze

11:25 – have more sex

Wow! Really? The judges don’t seem all that impressed with him or his picture where he is growling at the camera. After he leaves, Kelly says she hopes her daughter never brings home a guy like Adam.

Chantelle is next. Tyra says that she found Chantelle on social media. Chantelle says she hopes she can show people the beauty in differences. She says she was bullied in school, and she ended up dropping out of high school because of it. Tyra says that just because she has vitiligo, she won’t go easy on her. Chantelle says that she didn’t expect that she would. After seeing her photo, they think that she can do better.

Ben is next. He claims to be a quadruple threat. He’s a model, actor, singer and dancer. Tyra asks him to show her each one of those attributes. He then teaches Tyra how to twerk. Miss J is speechless with all the booty talk. Ben says he supplements his income being a waiter, and said he served Tyra at an after-party before, and he checked her out. Kelly is offended saying that he is a pipsqueak and Tyra Banks does not want to sleep with him, and she thinks he’s very unprofessional. He apologizes, and as he leaves, he worries that he made an enemy in Kelly, and he feels really dumb at what he said.

The next person is Lenox. She is from a small town in Georgia (hometown to country music superstar Alan Jackson, although she doesn’t mention that.) She says she’s known for her huge forehead. Tyra asks her to come to the “forehead master” and they join foreheads and exchange energy. Weird. Next, Tyra mentions that she knows that Lenox had something sad happen recently. Lenox says her dad passed away 2 weeks ago, and she breaks down. He was estranged from her and her mom, and she feels guilty that he died thinking that she didn’t miss him, when she did. The judges look at her photo, and Tyra says that she isn’t crazy about it. The only good thing about it is her forehead. Kelly says that Lenox’s beauty isn’t reflected in the shot.

Josh is next to be judged. He works on a farm now, but he used to be a big football and lacrosse player, but he came down with a rare liver disease. Now, he’s decided that it’s time to leave farming behind and become a model.

Danny from cycle 20 is back. He thinks he’s grown more than last cycle. They like his photo, but 0after he leaves, Tyra admits to Miss J and Kelly that she doesn’t feel the energy from him.

Romeo is next. Kelly asks him if the show will interfere with his practicing witchcraft. He says it won’t. The judges liked his photo, and Romeo says to camera, “When I win this competition, you can just call me “America’s Next Top Witch.”

Kari is next. Tyra tells her that she hears she is popular. Kari says it feels amazing, and she is just being real, and people gravitate towards things that are real. When the judges view her photo, Tyra just loves it. (Just an observation. When they showed a close-up of Kari, she really reminded me of Eva, the winner of cycle 3, especially in the eyes. She is striking.)

Keith is next. Tyra mentions that she hears that everyone is comparing him to Tyson Beckford. He says that is true, and they even have the same birthday. Tyra says that may be true, but Tyson can’t say he was an ex-NFL football player. Keith says that he played for the Philadelphia Eagles and more recently the New York Giants, but he had an injury and is unable to play anymore. The judges really liked his photo, and especially the way he jazzed it up with the personalization.

Next up is Shei. She says that she was raised by a single mom, and her mom was always moving them around when she was young, as she moved from job to job. The judges really liked her photo, especially her cheekbones.

Back in the waiting room, a new girl comes in. Her name is Jamie Rae, and she says she missed her plane, so she didn’t make it for the beginning of the competition. People say she looks like a real life Barbie, with a big pink tote bag.

Denzel is next. He was a business man, and started his own business when he was really young. The judges look at his picture, and Tyra says she likes it, but thinks he needs to up his model game and gets his smize on.

Will is next, and he comes in wearing 6” heels. He is a dance instructor, teaching young girls. He teaches Tyra to twerk.

Raelia is next. When Tyra sees her, she tells her to wash her face, because she doesn’t know what she looks like. When she comes back in, Tyra loves how she looks, and tells her she looks like a model now. We find out that Raelia is a virgin that loves to twerk. She says that she has some friends that got pregnant young, and she doesn’t want that to happen to her.

Next in is Jamie Rae. Tyra says she looks like a Barbie that has come to life. She says she is a nanny. Kelly rips into her, saying “Who would let you into their house?” Ouch! Since Jamie was late, she doesn’t have a runway picture, but she has an Instagram photo she took at home, which is what they judge her on. Tyra says that her photo looks like Barbie in a bad way. Tyra doesn’t like all the glitter and makeup she is wearing, and she tells her to take it all off, or she will send her home right now.

Jamie takes off all her makeup and comes back in the judging room. Tyra says she likes this look much better.

Brandon is next. He says he is a ladies man, but it’s revealed he doesn’t like dark-skinned girls. Tyra is offended. They look at his photo, and Tyra says she wanted to hate it, but she doesn’t.

Matthew is next. They like how he looks, and Kelly asks him what he’s got going on under his shirt. He lifts up his shirt to show off his six pack abs. Nice. The judges like his picture too.

Mirjana is next. She is from Serbia, and now lives in North Carolina. Tyra says she’s got a toughness in her, and Mirjana says she’s had a tough life, saying she didn’t have a good relationship with her dad, and she had an abusive boyfriend when she was 13. She says she is a fighter. The judges like her photo, and Tyra says that she is finding her light.

At the end of judging, Tyra says they’ll have to cut a lot of people as they have 31 now and have to cut it down to 22.

Later, everyone meets at the Lucky Strike, which is a bowling alley. Kelly asks them if they’re ready to bowl. She says it’s not an ordinary game. When they bowl, they will see a sticker pop up at the end of the alley. If it’s a happy sticker, they’ll be staying. If not, they’ll be packing their bags and going home.

  • Kari – Yay
  • Keith – Yay
  • Uniqua – Sorry
  • Zaquan – Yay
  • Lindsay – Yay
  • Kate – Sorry
  • Matthew – Yay
  • Brandon – Sorry
  • Ben – Yay
  • Shei – Yay
  • Will – Yay
  • Denzel – Yay
  • Chantelle – Yay
  • Mirjana – Yay
  • Mark – Yay
  • Amanda – Sorry
  • Raelia – Yay
  • Jamie Rae – Yay
  • Adam – Yay
  • Lenox – Yay
  • Romeo – Yay
  • Danny – Yay

Kelly tells them that this is not the final cut. They have one more week of cuts to go through before the final 14 will be chosen to compete.

Next week the models take photos on a subway, and it looks like a big collage of models all crammed together, photographed from above. Tune in next Mon., Aug. 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT to find out who makes it and who will be going home.

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