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America’s moral fiber has intentionally been abandoned

It’s become more and more apparent that the left has been waging war on our founding principles and morals for many years. Buying the mainstream media upped the ante making it easier for political figures to propagate to the minions funded by people like billionaire George Soros. Soros made his fortune bankrupting countries, betting on their currency demise. Case in point is today’s headline; “Agency tightens use-of-force rules” for border patrol agents. The spotlight is not on border agents deaths and made no mention of the federal “fast and furious” debacle; instead it focused favorably on the illegal aliens and immigration.

The President and First Lady-said doing God's work with Obamacare
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The press constantly condemns the Koch brothers (counterpart to Soros) and their like with Harry Reid’s calling them un-American -when he is the one tearing down the moral fiber of this great nation. Why are our morals being eradicated? “Either its fear of being called a racist or they are just as corrupt and evil as the Democrats. Fear is a terrible thing. Most of Americans are afraid to speak the truth and to defend the nation from the abyss we have fallen into.”

Today’s same issue raged on with “Millennials are independent but half are likely to lean Democratic.” It stands as a testament to this war, stating they tend to be churchless… almost two-thirds don’t classify themselves as a religious person. The article leads the reader to believe leaning left is the way to go. The truth is they are the majority supporting Ron and Rand Paul!

“Our country has become evil. Albert Einstein gave us that definition, “It is an absence of good.” How low do we have to go before we can root out evil and stand for the principals of our Judeo-Christian Foundation?” It’s time to take a stand. Which side are you on? Is it for the good or the evil that is running this nation into ruin and Socialism?

Updated and clarified from first issue.

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