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America's immigration policy must be law abiding and Judaeo-Christian

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I am of Italian-Irish descent. My neighbor is of African descent. All of my neighbors could fill a world map, pointing toward ancestral descent from all continents. What we have in common is that we are all American. What we also have in common is that we were, either, born into, or arrived from another nation into, a nation built upon the democratic process--within the guidelines of a Constitutional Republic--shaped (as understood in the Declaration of Independence) by the morality and ethics of the Judaeo-Christian religion.

Therefore, since we are a nation of diverse peoples, formed through an American understanding into one people (one nation under God), we must develop our immigration policy to abide by the Just laws, formed by our people, always reflecting the Justice and Mercy of Almighty God.

Yet, America, in her idolatry away from God, seeks for unjust immigration.

"When Solomon was old his wives had turned his heart to strange gods, and his heart was not entirely with the LORD, his God, as the heart of his father David had been." 1 Kings 11:4-13

Sadly, America has fallen in love with every false god that has washed up on her shores. Not really being gods, but demons, these perverted spirits have 'fundamentally changed' America for the worse. Life, as described in the Declaration of Independence, is no longer a right, but a commodity to be weighed in value on the scales of usefulness to fun and profit. Abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell abuse are examples of this. Freedoms, such as found in the 2nd and 4th amendment, have been perverted into the freedom (rather, the vulgar licentiousness) of gay 'marriage,' pornography, divorce, and the disrespectful dismantling of the American family.

These foreign gods, false idols, and perverted spirits, have reached their zenith of destruction, however, in the current process of turning the Judaeo-Christian perspective into a hate crime.

"They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons. And the LORD grew angry with his people, and abhorred his inheritance." Psalm 106:3-4, 35-37, 40

The next time you go to church, or go to the shopping market, look around at all the people, and then pinch yourself. Everyone you see, to include the one who feels the pinch, could be dead right now. Consider yourself lucky...or blessed! Millions of boys and girls, potential men and women, have been systematically killed by the invading spirit of foreign gods through abortion.

This same god seeks to direct our immigration policy toward 'amnesty.'

"Soon a woman whose daughter had an unclean spirit heard about him. She came and fell at his feet. The woman was a Greek, a Syrophoenician by birth, and she begged him to drive the demon out of her daughter." Mark 7:24-30

All Americans are like that Syrophoenician woman. We are all pagans by birth (original sin). We are all foreigners welcomed into, not only the great American nation, but, the faith of the One Savior of all nations. We are 'one nation under God' in our diversity. Likewise, through our faith in Jesus Christ, we are 'One Body' in Christ.

Therefore, our immigration policy must follow, both, our Mercy, and our Justice, reflecting the morality and ethics of such a Providential God. Being compassionate and law abiding people--reflected in Divine Mercy and Divine Commandments--our doors are always open to all nations for people of similar heart.

What we must block out, however, are invading spirits inimical to our Judaeo-Christian heritage.