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'America's Got Talent:' The talent is unbelievable

Nick Cannon host on America's Got Talent
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Once again on Sunday night “America’s Got Talent” left audience, viewers, and judges speechless with the amount of talent displayed. Performers from all ages, with different abilities that left all mesmerized. It is difficult to hang on to one performer as being the favorite, because soon enough another will come along that surprise everyone.

There was a need though to endure the ridiculous, such as the 2 psychic ladies who predicted they would move on to the next round; obviously they did not. Also, the dancer on roller blades who despite seeming outlandish and with no place in the competition managed to move on just because audience and 3 judges want to be amused, and how about those judges? They have such great chemistry between them, along with the host and this makes the show enjoyable even when the absurd is on stage.

And then came Mike Super, a mystifying act that did just that, left everyone astonished with an ability unlike anything ever seen, he will move and without question everyone can wait to see what his next act will be like. Valo and Bobby acrobatic act that was awesome and move through, this however posses the question as to what could they do next? The “speed painter” was also fascinating and he surely has many surprises in store. And Mara Justine, just 11 years old, who transformed into a different person once she began singing, from a shy and intimidated young girl, to a performer with a stage presence that a lot of grown ups would love to master. Nina Burri came on stage and her contortionist abilities amazed everyone, and she was sent through with the expectation that her next act will be even greater, and then another contortionist act came in the form of four young girls who also were original and outstanding, and then a third 2 sisters who as well astonished everyone watching. Then came Emil and Dariel 2 teen-age boys with violoncellos and everyone were somewhat skeptical, but then they began to play “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix and they were outstanding and received a standing ovation. And no one can forget the choir made up of 100 teen-age singers who Howard Stern begged Mel B. to put through along with the audience and they wound up moving through. And then Frank the Singer came along a 77 year old who astonished everyone with great vocals and a modesty unlike very few posses, he moved through and much success is wished upon this great singer.

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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