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'America's Got Talent:' The fate of 12 acts is decided

Heidi Klum judge on America's Got Talent
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Last night on “America’s Got Talent” 12 acts heard what America had to say about their performances and whether they were to show more, or instead just go home and for some hone their craft, and others well perhaps their act does not quite meet the parameters necessary to qualify as America’s choice to headline and act and win 1 million dollars.

The first order of business was to name the three acts on the bottom and in danger of going home, but America had the opportunity to save one by voting on their phones or online, and those were Aerial Animation, David & Leeman, and Mara Justine. They would need to await their fate as the voting began and would go on for the first 30 minutes of the show.

The first three acts to be called forward were Heidi’s wildcard Flight Crew Jump Rope, Mel B’s wildcard Bad Boys Of Ballet, and Howie’s wildcard Mike Super, and the act with a second chance at winning the grand prize was Mike Super whose performance on Tuesday night was mesmerizing.

The next two acts to be called forward were Andrey Moraru and Sons Of Serendip, and based on their performance the night before the winner was obvious, however, when it comes to a majority of people voting, only the unexpected can be expected, and the act moving forward is Sons Of Serendip, indeed they earned their spot in the final 12 and without doubt whether they win this show or not, these talented guys will be successful.

The next acts to be called forward were Emily West, Paul Iety, Miguel Dakota, and Dan Naturman, and based on their performances three cold possibly be moving forward, because only one of them had received heartbreaking revenues for a lackluster appearance. And the first save was for Emily West, but the other three were told to remain in their places, and the second act to move forward was Miguel Dakota. That meant that Paul Iety who had disappointed on Tuesday night was sent home, and Dan Naturman was also eliminated something which he had suspected was going to take place, perhaps by expecting the worse he would not be disappointed, regardless he still remains a comedian with original material that hopefully audiences have not heard the last off.

That meant that there were two spots left to fill, and it came down to the act that America decided to save from those three in the bottom, and Mara Justine was saved by America’s instant vote, and the judges would decide the sixth and final act, at the end it was David & Leeman who moved forward. Recaps, episodes and contestants information can be found online at

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and results are announced on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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