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'America's Got Talent:' Performers vie for a spot in the semifinals

Last night on “America’s Got Talent” 12 acts performed live on Radio City Music Hall hoping for America to vote them into the five acts that will move to the semifinals. That means that seven will go home, but those who did the best were “Dan Naturman” –comedian- quirky and awkward that makes him even funnier and it matches his repertoire. “Miguel Dakota” –singer- last act to perform, great stage presence and a fabulous voice.

"The Willis Clan" one of America's favorite
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

But there is room for three more acts, perhaps “The Willis Clan” because they are all related and they are so likeable and have done so well in the past, maybe they need to get rid of the jitters. Then perhaps “Flight Crew Jump Rope”, just because it is new and with such perfect synchronization that it mesmerizes and raises the suspicion as to what they will do next. “Emily West”, great singer a true contender. “David & Leeman” were fantastic during the auditions, but last night had too much going on, the end result was indeed fantastic. “Baila Conmigo” received a standing ovation from everyone; however, the loud music, the bright colors and all these dancers can be overwhelming. ‘Valo & Bobby” yes indeed great feast of strength and equilibrium, however, headlining an act in Las Vegas, just does not seem probable. “Sean & Luke” tap dancers they are good, however, are they fabulous and awe-inspiring as some other acts? No, they are not. “Jasmine Flowers” were great during audition last night no so much. “Julia Goodwin” had been great previously, but last night maybe the nerves got the best of her, and then there is “JD Anderson” someone who performs feats of strength such as breaking bats over his head and then runs into blocks of ice and pulverizes them, do people want to take their kids to watch somebody that might crack his head open right before their eyes? Not likely and not probable.

On Wednesday night the votes will be tallied and the first five semifinalists will be announced, there will be much joy and disappointment, but the talent is fascinating this year and there are so many more acts to watch. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and results are announced on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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