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'America's Got Talent:' Outstanding talent and some just disturbing

Heidi Klum judge on America's Got Talent
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Last night on “America’s Got Talent” 12 new acts performed in hopes of receiving America’s vote and thus moving on to the semifinals; only five can move on and the rest will go home.

There were great ones such as “Aerial Animation”, creative and just fascinating, “Darik Santos”, awkward comedian and that is exactly why he is hilarious, “Jaycob Curlee” perhaps nerves got the best of him last night, but he is still a great singer, “Mara Justine” is a fabulous vocalist, who also last night was a bit nervous; however, she should be in the semifinals, “Mat Franco” outstanding magician who time after time, leaves audience, judges and viewers mesmerized with his talent. “Hart Dance Team” did not leave an impression as positive as they had after their audition and that is unfortunate, “Acte II” was good but not as outstanding and heartfelt as other performances. And of course there are acts that are there just to fill a space in the category to which they belong, but are they acts that could headline in Las Vegas? No.

It seems as though a prerequisite must be fulfilled of choosing an act that is just annoying and outright insulting to those with real talent, such is the case of “Juan Carlos”, and then there is “Loop Rawlins” twirling a rope and it gets boring and makes viewers wonder if perhaps is time for a snack…”Livy, Matt and Sammy” weren’t impressive at all, and “Andrey Moraru”, yes, he is strong and has great balance but can this be in act that audiences would sit through for an hour? No. Is there innovation in the horizon? Doubtful.

America will cast its vote and tonight the results will be announced and there will be much excitement for those moving on and relief that those not amusing at all will finally go away. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and results are announced on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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