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“America’s Got Talent Murray SawChuck’s Variety Show for Charity”

America’s Got Talent celebrity magician Murray SawChuck invited celebrities to appear at his variety show for charity. Usually Murray performs his astonishing magic show but he decided to share the spotlight for this “Begging for Magic” event.

America's Got Talent Murray SawChuck and his magical assistant Chloe Crawford (Luxor)
(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the live show.)

The Tropicana Hotel’s Laugh Factory showroom was packed. Famous now-retired magician Lance Burton attends many events around Las Vegas. This charity event at the Tropicana Hotel Laugh Factory Lounge was where he started. Lance reminisced, “My first job in Las Vegas was one of the acts at the Follies Bergere. I opened on May 20th, 1982 down in the Tiffany Showroom. This room where we are today was a little banquet room.

I worked this room a couple of times for special events.” When Lance appeared in the Follies Bergiere, it was a short act, just 12 minutes to fill in while the stagehands moved the enormous scenery and the showgirls changed their costumes.

Even though Lance is retired from his own magic show, he is involved in producing films. I am just finishing my first film “Billy Top It Master Magician” and we are in the middle of production now of my second film is called “Guard Dog”. It is a little bit magical.

The story is about a little boy who is having a tough time and starts acting up. This magical dog shows up and only the little boy can see the dog. The dog helps him get his life back on track. It is very exciting to be involved in that. I am supporting animal rescue events like today.

Murray is having a fund raiser called “Begging for Magic” and on Sunday I will be bowling for the Nevada SPCA for their second annual “Get Out of the Gutters” rescue.” Still involved in the community, Lance said, “I am around, you just don’t see me on stage anymore.”

When I mentioned, “We used to review his shows and miss your shows.” Lance answered, “That makes one of us.”

America’s Got Talent master illusionists Jarrett and piano genius Raja, an odd duo, spoke about their act. Jarrett, “I think that is what brought us together. It seemed like a crazy idea to do our act together. No way!”

Murray created illusions with his magical assistant Chloe Crawford (“Fantasy” Dancer- Luxor) and the Charlie Chaplin-style comedy card-magician Lefty added to the act.

His show featured several entertainers: Singer Lisa Marie Smith (Pin Up), British Comedian Lenny Windsor (Writer for Benny Hill and Laugh Factory), comedy-magician Fielding west, vocalist Tim Molyneux, magician Mark Bennick and others appeared. America’s Got Talent celebrity magician Murray SawChuck appears in the Tropicana, at 4 P. M.

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