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“America’s Got Talent Murray Sawchuck Did it Again”

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After their successful charity event last year, America’s Got Talent Murray Sawchuck and dancer (Fantasy)/magical assistant Chloe held a second “Begging’ for Magic” Charity show.

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Murray and his wife Chloe have been very busy this year with each appearing as guest on television shows and at other events.

I interviewed the celebrities and VIP’s along the red carpet. Michael “Wheels” Parise, (Tropicana’s Laugh Factory) described his act, “I am very crowd interactive. I take the crowd and bring them all together. I am known as one of the top insult comedians in the country. At the end of the show, we all love each other again. It is a battle.”

Known as a comedian in his own right, Michael appeared as main opening act for Andrew Dice Clay for 27 years. “We are at the Hard Rock Hotel as well as broadcast “Rolling with Dice and Wheels” and we have been together ever since.

I am completely different than he is. Dice does the dirty stuff and I do the PG 13 stuff. That is why we have been together so long.” In show biz for 30 years, Michael feels he was born with the ability to be a comedian and knew when he was 8 years old.

Michael’s mother only let him watch Johnny Carson when a comedian appeared. Michael “Wheels” Parise appears at the Laugh Factory and also headlines at all of the other comedy clubs in Las Vegas. He added, “That’s why they call me wheels, I’m always rolling.”

Lefty performs his-own-slight-of-hand magic in Murray’s show. He has known Murray for 17 years and performed two years in his show at the Tropicana. Each person has a different style of magic. Lefty describes his magic, “It is like Charlie Chaplain doing magic- slapstick, very whimsical, character driven.

I think the underdog when the magic happens, surprises me as well as the audience.” Today this show is special for charity. Celebrities are attending the show and some have agreed to appear.

It is not Murray’s usual magic show, he mixed magic with several guest celebrity acts. Some celebrities performing were Comedian Magician Fielding West, British comedian and writer for Benny Hill, Lenny Windsor (Laugh Factory), singer Lisa Marie (Pin Up), singer Tim Molyneux, magician Mark Bennick and others.

Lefty is excited to have his own T-shirt line with a his face and cards floating around. Murray is also selling his own and there is a little competition here.

America’s Got Talent magician Murray SawChuck, Chloe and Lefty appear at the Laugh Factory, in the Tropicana Hotel. Shows. Shows 4 P.M.