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America's Got Talent judges seek 'something different' this season

America's Got Talent, the 2014 preliminary round, is well underway and hundreds of acts have come and gone. While one hour is nearly not enough time to see every act who auditions it is enough time to see a lot of acts who sing, dance, perform magic, balance on various objects, tumble, perform pet tricks, well you get the idea.

A lot of these acts, while very talented, are reminiscent of acts seen during others seasons, of the show. The judges while seemingly blown away by, as Howard Stern states, "the level of talent on the show this year," still seem to be clamoring for, "something different" or "something they've never seen before" on the AGT stage.

There have been some surprises on the show this year like Matt Franco and his amazing card trick, Paul Leti, a singer with a unique voice, the Hart Dance Team, and Emil and Dariel who play the cello like no one else, among others. The big question is, once these acts get into the semi-finals, and if they are lucky enough the finals, are they talented enough to win the $1,000,000 prize or is the best yet to come?

While there have been a few clunker acts on America's Got Talent this year, like the Psychic Divas and Arlo Pelegrin who puts spiders his face, up until Sunday night there does not seem to be as much bad talent on AGT as past seasons. After dismal rating in last years finale the producers of AGT this year seem to be taking great efforts to put as many talented acts on the stage as possible in order to boost the ratings this season .

Like vaudeville of yesteryear, AGT has always been the spring board for anyone who is talented, not so talented or even those who think they are more talented than they are, to get their 90 seconds of fame before they get X'd out. While the show at times seems repetitive it is still a good way to see a talent show without leaving the confines of your house and best of all for free.

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