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'America's Got Talent:' Difficult to single out an act

Heidi Klum judge on America's Got Talent
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It is so difficult to single out an act on “America’s Got Talent”, just as viewer’s think they fell in love with one, there comes an act that mesmerizes and astonishes all watching. On Tuesday night’s show, the first act though, was a juggling duo that included Nick Cannon, -the host-, in their performance. They did receive 4 yeses, how far would they go in the competition remains to be seen. But then there was a dancing duo “Hannah and Savannah” dressed in checkered skintight outfits, who stood before a box that matched their outfits, but once they started dancing, all these other members dressed just like them materialized from the box and the act was astonishing and above all original.

And then there was Jodi Miller a comedienne and her act was original and spot on, judges, viewers, and audience were all laughing out loud, great act, without doubt her act will get better and she will go far in the competition. Then came Anna Clendening, who suffers from an anxiety disorder, -for those familiar with panic attacks, it is a fact that such a disorder can be crippling-, and the fear in her eyes and voice was latent; however, she made it on stage and her performance was outstanding, a beautiful voice that conveyed her inner struggle and a desire to overcome such a terrible illness, good for you Anna Clendening.

The silliness was in full swing as well, such as the man who trains pigs, entertaining for 5 minutes, perhaps even amusing, however, can it be a $1 million act and headline show in Las Vegas? Doubtful. Then came the “Atlanta Professional Dance Academy” and the act was awe-inspiring with a fascinating choreography. And no one can ever forget Aaron J. Field, comes out dressed in a baby outfit, looking absurd and just about everyone thought that embarrassment was on it’s way, but then he began to sing and everyone’s jaw dropped fascinating voice, without doubt a contender; who also likes to add shock value to his act. Andre performed an outstanding balancing act, and it will be interesting how far he can take this. Smoothini, who performed a magic act right on the judge’s table and left everyone mesmerized with his talent, he is also another top contender for the ultimate prize. Justin Rhodes closed the show singing and he indeed posses an original sound and because of his ailing father in the audience, captured the hearts of America, along with Mel B. and Heidi Klum’s who fanned themselves afterwards and claimed it was hot on stage…

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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