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'America's Got Talent' 2013 teen 'Magician' dazzles the judges & America

Collins Key during his audition for "America's Got Talent"
Collins Key during his audition for "America's Got Talent"
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America's Got Talent” (AGT) can be seen each Tuesday & Wednesday evening on NBC at 9/8 p.m. The talent show has moved to New York City for the first Live show at “Radio City Music Hall.” Last night's episode July 23, 2013 was a two hour show that brought the first 12 acts on stage to perform for America. Host Nick Cannon explained that you can vote for your favorite acts by “Phone”, at the “AGT” website or on “Twitter.” It is now up to America with who moves on to the next round & getting closer to $1 million dollars & their own show in Las Vegas. Last night opened with the New York City 'Rockettes' dancing on stage followed by the introduction of the judges, Heidi Klume, Howie Mandel, Mel B & Howard Stern.

11 year old “Anna Christine” is a singer & piano player. The audience gave her a standing ovation after her song. She admitted she made a mistake which could not be seen by everyone. The music track was not synched up for some reason. Judge Howie Mandel told everyone that only 4 acts out of tonight's 12 move onto the next round.

“tellAvision” is a group of individuals who carry TV screens with them. They create stories connecting real life with TV graphics & onstage movements. The judges were split. Howard Stern & Heidi did not like the performance. Howie & Mel B. had both enjoyed it.

The rock group “American Hitmen” added background singers to their act. They had the audience standing & waving their hands in the air. The judges split again on the performance, but America has to vote if they want this group to go on to the next round.

“Special Head” uses meditation to literally rise his body into the air with his mind. He rose his body from a built pyramid on stage & then disappeared. He reappeared on top of another building outside. The judges were baffled & confused by this performance.

Fresh Faces” is a girl dance group of 9 & 10 year old's. They gave a fun performance. Howie and Howard believe that they are going to be swallowed up by bigger & better talent acts.

17 year old magician “Collins Key” performed an act where he read the mind's of the four judges using “Twitter.” They spelled words on social media so the audience can see them. Collins wrote out those words on a paper locked in a box on stage. He got them all right. The judges loved him.

Comedian “Kevin Downy Jr.” commanded the stage & made America laugh out loud. He nailed this performance. Heidi didn't like him & 'Mel B.' was on the fence. Howie enjoyed him immensely.

Arralyn & Izzie” are two kids who perform heavy metal music. Izzie screamed her way to 15 million views at 'Youtube' after their AGT audition. Last night, she sat on a swing singing her own written lullaby & then rocked out. Howard pressed his buzzer & rejected them even though the audience liked them.

Female escape artist “Alexandria the Great.” She was bound in a straight jacket & wrapped in a dozen chains plus trapped inside a box of water. She had 90 seconds to escape, but struggled & got out in 1:10 seconds. It was entertaining plus scary at the same time.

KriStef Brothers” is a hand balancing act. They both come from circus families. They gave a comic performance combined with strength. The judges & the audience loved them.

The dance group “Hype” comes from Hawaii. The three guys danced under a water fountain & the judges were not blown away. The choreography was generally okay at best. The audience liked them though.

Branden James” is an opera singer. He used a choir as background singers on his song choice. He received a standing ovation. All the judges praised him as a professional who gave a moving performance.

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