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America's Game of Thrones

American politics is a real life Game of Thrones orchestrated by a cryptic self-serving ruling class of politicians, corporatists and bankster kingmakers. It's why libertarians loathe them all.

A Game of Drones, The Iron Throne and the Iron Rule of Power: All political power is exercised for the benefit of the people who crave power.
Dragon – HBO free download wallpaper/Capitol – Unknown public domain

Based on evidence from both the Left and Right media, Hillary Clinton is a stone cold psychopath who seeks personal power above all else.

Her fellow narcissistic collaborator, Bill Clinton, is a master rationalizer driven by his own desires for power, wealth and ego gratification.

Together they are codependent enablers.

Bill needs Hillary to continually push him forward. She has the all-consuming hubristic ambition that Bill lacks. It's why he puts up with her incessant verbal abuse.

Hillary needs Bill as her "gender beard;" American politics is still a man's world and she needs his coat tails to ride into the office of the Presidency. It's why she puts up with his obsessive philandering.

If poor Daughter Chelsea has an ounce of gray matter she has long ago figured out that she exists as the result of an unwanted pregnancy, or at the very least a cynically conscious attempt by her parents to engineer the appearance of "family" for the voting masses to swoon over and consume. Chelsea is the "social beard" for a pair of psychotic power drunk thugs.

The right has had its own power-driven couple. George W. Bush was "pushed into office" in the same way and for the same reasons as "Mr. Thompson" in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged: A nondescript entity, a mediocrity elevated to "Head of State" by the powers behind the Iron Throne precisely because he was "safe" and could easily be manipulated by the real rulers.

Ventriloquist acts are not as popular in the entertainment world as they once were but they're becoming ever more popular in the political world of The State; in their eight-year run on the national stage Bush was the dummy in Cheney's ventriloquist act.

Obama is a utensil, a "Manchurian Candidate" in the same sense that virtually every powerful official is groomed and maneuvered into power by his or her handlers, in this case to control a society full of sycophants, toadies, flatterers, brown-nosers, butt-kissers and smalltime power-seekers eager to press their entitlement tin cups and beggar bowls against the hem of their Messiah's garments.

The real power behind both the House of Republican and the House of Democrat picked familiar Old Warrior stereotype McCain and rubber stamp Status Quo Romney to run against Obama. Both were acceptable to both Houses, just as Obama was acceptable to both.

That's how the Game of Thrones is played.

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