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'America's Best Cook': The winner is crowned

Chef Bobby Flay judge on America's Best Cook finale
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

On Sunday night the season finale of “America’s Best Cook” played out and what a finale it was: full of chills and thrills. The remaining four cooks along with the remaining mentors gave it their all to be declared the winner. Chef Symon with his 2 original cooks still in the game felt somewhat relieved, chef Guarnaschelli with Christina who has improved by leaps and bounds throughout the many challenges was confident, chef Cora with Ben who has steadily been producing dishes worthy of praise also felt had a fighting chance.

There would be 3 rounds of cooking and after each round 1 cook would be eliminated, first dish had to do with peppers, -the judge’s favorite, however, until the cooking was done, his or her identity remained a mystery-. They had thirty minutes to cook, with the usual 10 minutes to consult with their respective mentors, and the buzz was still in play, which the mentors could use for 1 minute in case their cooks needed assistance. Then it was judgment time, and this time it was none other than chef Bobby Flay who would judge and determine the winner of “America’s Best Cook”, the chefs received praise for how well cooked and innovative their dishes were; however, Mark from team Symon missed the mark slightly and was eliminated.

Second round was all about cheeseburgers that by the way are one of chef Flay’s specialties. And after that round one cook would be eliminated along with their mentor since the remaining mentors each had only 1 home cook in their teams. This time Ben was sent home and not because his burger was bad, but only because the other 2 were just slightly better.

The third and final round was an open canvas, the cooks could prepare anything they wished, but they only had 5 minutes to consult with their mentors and no 1 minute buzz and the mentors could not even be on the catwalk. The cooking was accelerating, the remaining mentors chef Guarnaschelli and chef Symon sat on the sidelines just hoping and wishing and once the cooking was done, chef Flay passed judgment and Stephanie from team Symon took the win.

“America’s Best Cook” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.

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