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'America's Best Cook': Michael Symon remains undefeated

Chef Michael Symon mentor on America's Best Cook
Chef Michael Symon mentor on America's Best Cook
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival

On Sunday night’s episode of “America’s Best Cook” the contestants were asked to tackle the latest dinning fad; brunch. And as usual the cooks would have 10 minutes to consult with the mentors and then 45 minutes to cook an innovative, creative, and of course delicious dish. Tyler Florence and Alex Guarnaschelli with only one cook left in their respective camps were eager to give the proper instructions, and hope their respective cooks would deliver.

The mentors also have 1 minute that they can use to buzz in and help their cooks with tasting and give final advice before judging begins. The guest judge was none other than Iron Chef, Jeffrey Zakarian, yes indeed who is also a judge on Chopped and his tenacity and attention to detail has elevated him to status of great admiration and respect from chefs throughout the world.

The first team to be judged was Michael Symon's, who by the way during cooking instructed Stephanie, but she felt her way of cooking Shakshuka was the only way and for a moment ignored chef Symon’s instructions to which he pointed that; “I have been cooking for 30 years, put it back in the oven”. She finally agreed, followed his instructions and came on top during judgment, but Marc had to face his first pressure cooker. Christina from chef Guarnaschelli’s camp was praised for her dish, chef Florence’s remaining cook Sherri also received high marks from the guest judge; however, both cooks on chef Cora’s team were sent to the pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker challenge consisted of creating a tasteful dish that would have egg as the main component. Both Marc and Ben tackled pasta with carbonara sauce, and Nikki opted for a scotch egg salad, judgment time arrived and Ben came on top who working with an injured finger managed to make fresh pasta, Marc who on the advice of chef Symon used boxed pasta came in second, and that meant that Nikki was sent home.

“America’s Best Cook” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.