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'America's Best Cook': Great new cooking show

Chef Cat Cora mentor on American's Best Cook
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The Food Network has produced another yet original and fun cooking show, on Sunday night “America’s Best Cook” premiered, yes, these are 16 home cooks who were chosen as the best America has to offer, and guided by mentors they will be taken up to the level of chefs. The teams are divided in North, South, East, and West, each zone represents it’s traditional way of cooking that the mentors Michael Symon, Cat Cora, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Tyler Florence will guide through 6 weeks of grueling challenges that will eventually transform them into cooking chef quality type of dishes.

Last night was the first challenge and the contestants were given traditional ingredients from their respective cooking zones and asked to create as beautiful, tasty, original dish as possible and based on that 2 from each team will make it into the actual competition. First up, Michael Symon representing the North gave steak and potatoes and all cooks tackle the challenge with gusto, and although all of them received praise eventually he chose Marc and Stephanie, then Cat Kora’s representing South picked shrimp, upon tasting she chose Ben and Nikki, Alex Guarnaschelli representing East gave the contestants duck breast and after tasting she chose Hannah and Christina, and then it was Tyler Florence representing the West and his ingredient of choice was salmon, and the cooks he chose were Phillip and Sherri, he did tell one contestant he can teach cooking; however, passion needs to be embedded in the cook’s being in order to succeed.

This show will be about cooking passionately and intensely, no fighting, no talking down to others, the best will remain and those not up to par will be sent home. Congratulations Food Network this is a great original show that hopefully will stay around for a long time.

“America’s Best Cook” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.

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