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'America's Best Cook': Dessert and injury

Chef Tyler Florence mentor on America's Best Cook
Chef Tyler Florence mentor on America's Best Cook
Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival

Last night on “America’s Best Cook”, the 7 cooks were asked to prepare a luscious dessert of their choice and the only requirement was that it must contain bacon. Michael Symon, who is the master of bacon, loved the idea even though by his own admission, he is not fond of baking. Alex Guarnaschelli, who lost a cook last week and now only has one left, was very careful in mentoring Christina and ascertaining that every component was added in the correct quantity and above all tasting was done at various stages of the cooking process.

Team South, mentored by Cat Cora, suffered a snafu when Ben cut his finger and was told by the medic that stitches were required in order to stop the bleeding, that meant he would need to go to the hospital, so automatically he was sent to the Pressure Cooker round where one chef would be sent home. Tyler Florence who mentors Team West was comfortable with both his cooks, and seemed certain that they would both succeed.

Then came judgment time and who was the surprise judge, well none other than Ron-Ben Israel, yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, The Sweet Genius himself. And the cooks although excited to have this icon of sweets taste their creations, they were also apprehensive because no mistake would get past the genius of sweets.

And surprisingly, both members of Team West were sent to the Pressure Cooker round along with Ben, from Team South. They were to elevate the always-fantastic PBJ sandwich. Ben working with only one hand managed to pull a win, and Phillip from Team West was sent home. That means that Team East and Team West have one cook left each, and once all the members of the team are eliminated so will the mentor, and week after week Team North mentored by Michael Symon seems to be getting stronger.

“American’s Best Cook” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.