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America remembers those on Memorial Day that made ultimate sacrifice

All gave some...some gave all; a tribute to those brave American men and women that made the supreme sacrifice for our freedoms.
All gave some...some gave all; a tribute to those brave American men and women that made the supreme sacrifice for our freedoms.

Men and women of the arm services that gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice of freedom for those in America and elsewhere are being remembered today on Memorial Day.

The Bible states that “greater love has no man than he that would lay down their life for another”, and this great gift paid for in blood is truly a tremendous sacrifice.

American Revolutionary War-A total of 25,000 American patriots died in the war that brought independence to the Americas and birthed the United States of America.

War of 1812-Once against England and the United States fought a re-run of the fight against British tyranny of the Revolutionary War. A total of 15,000 Americans lost their lives in a series of skirmishes.

Mexican-American War-A territorial dispute over the annexation of Texas and the western expansion led to war with Mexico that lasted two years. The United States lost 13,283 men during the conflict which would impact conditions leading to the Civil War.

Civil War-The most costly war in American history by far pitted the policies of the Confederacy against the policies of the Union. Nearly 750,000 Americans lost their lives in a four year conflict that pitted the North against the South and brother against brother. It was one of the darkest times in American history.

World War 1: The last living American veteran died in 2011 from World War 1. Frank Buckles passed away at 110 in the war to end all wars. A total of 110,516 Americans were killed in World War 1.

World War 2-This war fought by America’s greatest generation which resulted in 405,399 American deaths. The United States fought on two main campaigns against the axis powers primarily of Germany, USSR, Italy, and Japan. Hitler turning on Russia was a pivotal decision that changed the course of the war.

Korean War-Known as the “Forgotten War”, a total of 36,516 military personnel lost their lives in America’s first political war. America committed troops to halt Communist aggression against South Korea. Korea was fought as a limited war with Red China supporting North Korea

Viet Nam War-America’s incursion into Viet Nam divided the nation ultimately although America’s military never lost a battle. The domino theory against Communism and shameful treatment of the military remains a blight on America’s conscience. Socialist American zealots traveled to communist countries giving support to America’s enemies in what can be classified as treason. America lost 58,209 brave military in a war that lasted through four presidential administrations, the longest war on record.

Gulf War—America leading a coalition of nations to oust Iraq from illegally absorbing Kuwait resulted in the largest cooperative exercise since World War 2. Operation Desert Shield would become Operation Desert Storm in which 294 service personnel would lose their lives fighting for the freedom of another country, a consistent theme with much of the United States’ involvement in foreign countries in the 20th century. The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 687 to conclude the conflict in April 1991, however controversies over enforcing this and subsequent resolutions would lead to another outbreak against Iraq 12 years later.

Afghanistan War- In an attack that became the Pearl Harbor of this generation, the devastating sneak attack on America’s infrastructure on September 11th, 2001 established America’s war on terror. Afghanistan’s radical Taliban harbored and supported Osama bin-Laden’s al-Qaida network and became a point of United States’ fury in bringing accountability for the deadliest attack on American soil in history. Nearly 3,000 souls perished in New York, Washington DC, and on Flight 93. America’s deaths of men and women of the military has reach 2,229, less than the total of the 9/11 carnage.

Iraq War-Clearly history will judge this conflict in the context of unresolved issues from the Gulf War twelve years earlier. A convoluted issue of WMD and alleged links to terrorism was established as a pretext to going to war by America. Saddam Hussein and his sons were responsible for a reign of terror against their own people and used banned WMD against the Kurds and against rival Iran. Iraq’s resistance to the implementation of Resolution 687 of the UN for 12-years finally prompted the United States and a handful of other nations to take action unilaterally. A total of 4488 American men and women lost their lives in the conflict which concluded in 2011, twice the deaths of Afghanistan. The vacuum created with Hussein dispatched has created turmoil in Iraq that is still going on today.

America’s military heroes have taken part in numerous smaller conflicts, Beirut in which 266 Marines lost their lives in a single terrorist attack, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, and Panama where America’s fighting men and women efficiently and courageously answered the call with professionalism, but never received the credit for doing what they were ordered to do.

Many of these conflicts were fought to keep aggression to a minimum, something learned from the fully blown conflicts of World War 1 and World War 2. Taking care of small problems today will keep larger disasters from happening later.

Memorial Day has nothing to do with politics or whether the action was right or wrong, but it is a day set aside to honor the men and women that made the supreme sacrifice in keeping our freedoms secured. This is recognition of honor that should be done without qualification.

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