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'America Now' warns to think twice before making that copy on Fox-NY

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On today's early-morning edition of “America Now” starring Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic, this informative news show digs deep into what is important to their viewers. They truly live by their motto; “News You Can Use.”

This episode featured several useful tidbits of information that consumers should be aware of, but one was a complete eye-opener and could cost consumers their identity.

Leeza got the lowdown on mounting a digital defense. Most people are aware that their identity can be stolen off computers and digital devices, but now there is something else to add to the watch list.

This piece of equipment is something we do not even think twice about sharing with strangers. It is the photocopier. They showed a warehouse filled with copiers for rent, but these could contain your personal information because today’s copiers contain hard drives like a computer. This means that whatever you copy; private information, medical records, taxes and more are stored on the copier’s hard drive.

Ed Stepanyan, the owner of Copy Donkey in Glendale, Calif. told “America Now” that two out of three copiers that he rents to hospitals, accountants and other businesses, are returned with the hard drive not erased or destroyed. He demonstrated the method of destroying the hard drive, by hitting it with a hammer and shaking it to hear that it was, in fact, destroyed.

Cyber security expert, Theresa Payton told Leeza, that even just everyday forms that are filled out; cyber criminals connect with each other and share this information. When going to the doctor or dentist office, they do a quick scan of your driver’s license, health insurance form, etc. All this info is stored, and each institution must have a privacy policy, and digital privacy is something that everyone is entitled to. Even your home copier has a hard drive, so Ed Stepanyan recommends, before selling or recycling it, take out the hard drive and destroy it and have one less thing to worry about, thanks to this episode of “America Now.” For more information, check the “America Now” website.

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