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America needs to sober up and make some changes: 'Outcome-Driven Government'

Outcome-Driven Government required
Outcome-Driven Government required
James George

The extremes in our government are dangerous. President Obama should not be left to freelance because he is simply not that good. His management approach is faulty and his judgment is too. That doesn’t mean that he is not well intentioned. His own party’s leadership have failed him by permitting him to flail on his own. The Republicans have failed Americans by not being diligent and effective in working with the president. All incumbents should be looking for new jobs because none are worthy of reelection on merit.

There is a concept that should apply here, and it is called “outcome-driven government.” I’ll be attending a conference next week sponsored by the Association for Enterprise Information to learn more about it. I think I know quite a bit because I wrote a book on the subject with Dr. James Rodger called Smart Data, Enterprise Performance Optimization Strategy © 2010 Wiley Publishing. It is still gaining traction.

It is disturbing to see our senior leadership in government playing political games day in and day out instead of focusing on required outcomes. We the People demand a nation that is secure to a metric of 100% certainty. We don’t have that today. Evidence is when a two-bit terrorist organization in Afghanistan can whip America and other nations around at will. Do we honestly believe that they cannot reach us with their terror when they already have a successful track record?

Wake up and sober up. Demand foreign policy that makes sense, and that is backed up with meaningful deeds and accomplishments. That is outcome-driven government.