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America mourns the death of Shirley Temple

"Shirley Temple in the movie, "The Little Princess."
"Shirley Temple in the movie, "The Little Princess."
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The Associated Press reports the death of icon Shirley Temple Black who died last night in her Woodside California home near San Francisco.

She was born April 23, 1928 and died February 10, 2014. She had a long and successful career not only in the movies but in other areas as well. For a more detail account of her life and times, click here.

Shirley, a very talented child star, danced and sang like a person far beyond her tender age. She was so pure and wholesome a non-alcoholic drink was named after her; what else but the "Shirley Temple" which was basically lemonade.

She hit Hollywood like a storm with her talents and was featured in many movies during the depression. Her fun loving spirit was captured by the camera and deposited into the hearts of people all across America.

She acted in movies later in life as a teenager; and was loved just as much as when she was a child.

Every little girl in America wanted a Shirley Temple doll and most had Shirley Temple paper dolls at least. Mothers dressed their little darlings like Shirley.

Back in the time when people went to movies not to be frightened or seduced but for the sheer joy of fun and laughter; and she surely provided that. She was a godsend to the nation during the Depression when for an hour or so, she could lift the spirits of downtrodden people as she took them away from the reality of hard times to a world of enjoyable entertainment.

Cheryl Kagen, her publicist, made the announcement this morning that she died at home at the age of 85. She passed away Monday evening about 11 p.m. in her home near San Francisco. She was surrounded by family, friends, and her caregivers. She was perhaps the first famous woman to come forth to let women all across America know that she had breast cancer. She beat that disease for many, many years; and was an encouragement to women everywhere.

Not only was she a great actress, she was also political during several Republican administrations and at one time she was ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

She was so loved and remembered that her movies – refurbished– are still on the market today. Her original Shirley Temple doll is still highly collectible; and has increased in value through venues like EBay.

She was married for a short while with one child and later married a second time to Charles Black with two more children. She said the greatest role she ever played was that of mother and grandmother.

You can read the full coverage of her career and announcement of her death published by the Associated Press.

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