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America is at war

"When ISIS took over Mosul, many residents from there had fled to Qaraqosh. In Mosul, ISIS issued an ultimatum to Christians living there: Convert to Islam, pay a fine or face "death by the sword." This is a quote from this CNN story,

Those of us who confess CHRIST, here in America....can we take it? Are we strong enough; bold enough; faith-filled enough....Don't think that our faith here will NOT be tested and put on the line! Our faith is being challenged now. We have not shown ourselves as bold; nor have we shown ourselves to stand for our faith, as we are required and expected to do. We have been given power by the Holy Spirit TO BE WITNESSES (ACTS 1:8). Are you fighting against evil; witnessing outside of your church walls; ministering to the lost; standing against sinful lifestyles; sinful behaviors; acts of ungodliness? You see, if we are not standing against darkness, then we are not light. Do you think that this scenario is far from us? It is not. We are slowly giving into the ways of this world. Same sex marriage; legalized drugs; casinos everywhere; every god accepted; JESUS' name is shunned, so that no one is offended; politically correct overrides spiritual truth.

GOD has been pushed out of America on so many levels! Don't wonder why there is so much evil…Instead, wonder why GOD has been so long suffering as it relates to our lukewarm behavior; our half-hearted religion; our refusal to expose evil and our nonchalant attitude toward the ungodliness around us. Don’t wonder why there is so much devastation; instead wonder why there is not more. America is in a war that Christians are not acknowledging. It is a spiritual war; a spiritual battle of good and evil; righteous and unrighteous; the real GOD and false gods.

The problem? Many in the body of CHRIST are not fighting back! Our weapons are not carnal; our armor is spiritual; our commanding officer is the LORD. We are equipped and empowered, but we are having ‘bless me clubs’ in church, instead of fighting spiritual warfare outside of the walls! It’s a battle and GOD’S army is sitting out! Get up and fight! What we see happening in others parts of the country, is happening here; but we have not acknowledge or recognized it. We don’t need a terrorists group to come in; we have Satan; the world and the lukewarm, half-hearted Christians coming against us.

This is no time to preach about prosperity; and plan the next fundraiser for new choir robes. This is the time that we need to stand up for CHRIST; and fight! Get out of your seat and get on the battlefield.

"No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer." 2 Timothy 2:4 NIV

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