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America is 'All About That Bass'

Little is known about 20-year-old Nantucket native musician Meghan Trainor, but one thing is for sure this summer and that is she is "all about that bass." Trainor's debut single, "All About That Bass," premiered in June.

Singer Meghan Trainor has number one song on iTunes
Meghan Trainor Facebook

In an article with Billboard, Trainor said her parents would take her to songwriting conventions all over the U.S., in which she would eventually be signed by a country music publisher, right after finishing high school. Some of her musical roots, according to the article, stem from her father who is from Trinidad, and Trainor said she would listen to a genre from Trinidad—Soca.

According to Billboard, the song is number 54 on the Aug. 2 charts, up from the number 84 position the song was in the week before.

The song itself is a song about body image and positivity. In an interview with Billboard, Trainor said the song came about when she and her producer began talking about what to relate the track to, and eventually decided on talking about thickness. She has caused some controversy with a specific lyric in her song, "I'm bringing booty back. Go ahead and tell them skinny b----es," which she said in the Billboard interview isn't about bashing skinny girls.

Other lyrics of body positivity within the song include, "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top," and “It's pretty clear I ain't no size 2, but I can shake it, shake it like I'm supposed to do."

The song itself is slated as a song of summer for 2014, but isn't the conventional pop song, where the audience hears the beat drop, or is mixed with disc jockey beats. "All About That Bass" is a simple song, with a clear cut relatable message of body positivity and learning to love individualistic qualities, which is what makes it the unconventional song of the summer.

A video for the song was released June 11, and to date has 9 million viewers, and over 146,000 thumbs up. The video is set in a pink background with backup dancers, who show that their size is nothing of importance, and those dancers just let loose and have fun.

In the Billboard interview, Trainor said fellow songstress Colbie Calliat tweeted that she was "obsessed" with Trainor's song. Calliat is no stranger to singing about image positivity as her song, "Try," talks about being confident in ones skin. The video for Calliat's song has a montage of various celebrities with little to no makeup on, to show everyone deals with insecurities. Another artist giving the same message is John Legend, and his song "All of Me" where he states he "loves all your curves and edges, all your perfect imperfections."

While most of the songs of this summer include discussing being "Rude" or being "Fancy," Trainor's single is a refreshing perspective on something the music industry doesn't cover on a regular basis. Currently the song is number one on iTunes.

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