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America inconsistent with Islamic terrorism

American foreign policy has been all over the map regarding responses to terrorist groups.
American foreign policy has been all over the map regarding responses to terrorist groups.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Harem, Seleka, and now one can include the Taliban.

America’s foreign policy regarding radical Islamic groups can be described as inconsistent and contradictory. When a Jihadist group in Libya is entrusted by our government to provide security to our diplomatic headquarters, it clearly demonstrates that something is inherently wrong.

The White House entertained two top level operatives from the Muslim Brotherhood while President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood was making havoc with the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Egypt and Saudi Arabia put the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group on their own while America was still attempting to assign moderate status to the group with a motto of “The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

One would have to have their head in the sand to conclude this is a moderate status. Strike one.

The Palestinian Authority is being led by a president that provided funds to the Black September terrorist group that turned the 1972 Munich Olympics into an Israeli athlete killing field. His excuse was, “I didn’t know the money went to them.”

The new “unity” government under President (I did not know the money went to them) Mahmoud Abbas is fully backed and supported by Hamas, a terrorist group that even the Obama Administration officially classifies as terrorists. In spite of protest from Israel and the fact that US law forbids funding terrorist, the Obama Administration chirped that they will still continue sending $500 million dollars a year to the Palestinian Authority.

Strike two.

In spite of Boko Harem’s relentless violence against Christian targets for over a decade, our State Department absolutely resisted putting Boko Harem on the terrorist list. Only after the massive kidnap of hundreds of Christian girls earlier this year was a move made by the State Department to finally put Boko Harem on the terrorist list. The brutality of Seleka in the Central African Republic in the overthrow of the legitimate government has not earned the labeling of a terrorist organization.

The State Department gets a foul tip on these two.

The questionable decisions regarding our policy in Libya are still coming back to haunt the Obama Administration. The “what does it matter?” attitude and words conveyed by ex-State Department Chief Hillary Clinton revealed a lack of concern for the overall consequences of entrusting security to a Jihadist group that failed to respond to security requests during the time of the attack on the American embassy. The attack resulted in the death of four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

This qualifies as strike three.

The latest fiasco in dealing with the Taliban for the release of an American deserter at best and possibly a traitor with five of the Taliban leadership being freed in exchange from Guantanamo is an extremely suspect maneuver that contradicts negotiating with terrorists. The Obama Administration bypassed the requirement to notify Congress 30-days in advance before any detainee is released.

The architects of the Taliban release were “stunned” to find out that the five will probably have free reign to move through-out Afghanistan after stipulating their movement would be highly restricted.

That would be strike three….again.

And Israel is suppose to adhere to assurances by America concerning security and more land for peace?

As typically articulated in articles from the past, the definition of radical terrorism is quite different between how the terrorists see themselves and what is being spun by the American government. The ultimate goal of fundamental Islamic believers is to establish supremacy for its religion through Sharia edicts or force and it doesn’t really matter the method.

The Obama Administration has too many top level officials that project their own ideals of the role of religion and government upon those they are dealing. It is a tragic miscalculation to assume everyone has the same worldview as the idealistic one being dreamed about by those as in the White House and State Department.

The negotiated swap of Taliban operatives for one confused misguided American soldier is an example of this faulty thinking. The conditions agreed to overwhelmingly favored the Taliban.

You want one AWOL soldier back for five of our dedicated officers?..........DEAL!!!

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