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America has issues

The success of electronic devices is also rooted in selfishness.
The success of electronic devices is also rooted in selfishness.

What do eating skittles and carrying an Arizona drink, playing loud music, or texting in a theater have in common? Well, at least in the state of Florida one can get themselves killed.

Before one begins pointing the proverbial finger at the state known for its oranges and “Stand Your Ground Law”, there are a lot of other examples of people being killed over frivolous reasons.

Defriending somebody on Facebook, running down the street, riding Bart, whistling at a female, or being involved in a fender bender are just a few of the actions that have resulted in somebody getting the death sentence. Clearly America has issues with anger management and the sanctity of human life.

At the heart of much of this violence are issues of hatred, anger, pride, and a disconnect to the people around. Yes, we have devices that assist individuals to be more individually connected at the expense of being disconnected to the people or situations around them.

This progression has been with America for decades, from radio, television, and movies that helped people escape the realities of the world around them and to become spectators, to the examples of today with cell phones, I-Phones, and electronic notepads.

Socially the evidence is there as one goes to the store, rides in any transportation vehicle, goes out to dinner, visits a church, or any outdoor activities, it is astounding the number of people that refuse to be disengaged from their electronic device at the expense of human interaction around themselves. America is both connected but disconnected, a paradox regarding communication.

There was a crime of violence taking place on a bus in San Francisco recently and the police had difficulty piecing together what took place because many people were glued to their electronic toys. You can easily wager awareness of what is taking place around them is not the only thing being missed.

The Disneyland of electronic distractions in American homes is so pervasive that parents have difficulty getting their children out of their rooms to take part in actual physical activities as football, basketball, baseball or even golf. Nope, rather play the same sports on the video screen.

Bullying has gone electronic through our mobile and PC platforms. Why get into a physical altercation when one can make somebody miserable virally? It is much easier to distance oneself from the consequences when one does not even have to look at or know the person.

It is far too easy to be disconnected from the people and the world around you which feeds into self-gratification and self-absorb behavior beyond measure. America is fostering a culture where self-convenience trumps anything and everything else.

The Bible discloses of a period of time when the love of many will wax cold. You have exactly that being manifested in activities that demonstrate a complete disconnection to the people around, so disconnected it becomes fashionable for thugs to take part in “knock out”, a social travesty where sucker punching somebody you don’t even know is done to prove some cowardly demented bravado.

The ever worsening gridlock in Washington is another testament to the self-pontification of position guided chiefly by selfish interests and a dislike of others that think differently. It has little to do with politics and more to do about one’s spiritual condition. America has declared war on its own Judeo-Christian values.

Human behavior is deteriorating regardless of education and the knowledge we have available. With the lack of wisdom to appropriately apply the information that has been accumulated, it matters little the amount one knows. Drinking an alcoholic beverage and driving is a sample of knowing the risks but still deciding to do it.

The Bible is clear regarding things waxing worse and worse. Evil and wickedness equaling that of the days of Noah when God poured out judgment on an Earth filled with violence indicates our societies have gone full circle from the Flood.

Bible prophesies in Matthew, Luke, Timothy, and Peter substantiates the old warnings of the Old Testament concerning what is expected in Christian eschatology. The predictions are so spot on that critics claim the writings must have been written after the fact, a silly idea since the Old Testament is at least 2500 years old and the New Testament nearly 2000 years.

The accuracy of the conditions of today being already predicted in the Bible is irrefutable.

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