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America Has Become Wild,Wild West With Obama’s Random Enforcement of Federal Law

Obama lessons on how to control a nation and ignore the law
Obama lessons on how to control a nation and ignore the law
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Forget the U.S. Constitution and toss out the whole state’s rights thingy, because Obama has returned the nation to the Wild, Wild West. According to Fox News, America’s chief executive is cherry picking which laws he wants to enforce and others he would rather ignore, whether it is the U.S. Constitution or congressional action.

Where does that leave the nation where inconsistent application of the laws passed by congress or the states is sort of up for grabs and whether you will be tried for a crime or simply given a slap on the hands is based more on whim than on the law. Well the U.S. House of Representatives and its leadership has decided that Obama’s feckless display for ignoring his constitutional responsibilities is more than the country should tolerate.

Therefore on Wednesday the House held a Judiciary Committee meeting which may very well become the precursor to House impeachment action against this sitting president. The witnesses who testified were steeped in legal experience and included three law professors who discussed the indolent prosecutorial discretion that Obama has directed his U.S. Justice Department to engage in, reported Fox News.

Can a president simply just ignore enforcement of the law and otherwise put himself and his administration above the law? This is indeed a serious question of several that the house committee was attempting to grapple with on Wednesday. The dereliction of presidential duties and responsibilities by Obama centered on three critical areas, according to the GOP Judiciary Committee members.

The president “subverted” the law when he decided to delay Obamacare mandates affecting certain employers. Secondly, Obama issued an executive order in 2012 that all but prevented immigration officers from arresting and deporting illegal aliens. He also redefined welfare standards which had already been defined in law by congress.

There were other examples raised concerning Obama’s contemptuous disregard for the U.S. Constitution and congressionally or state passed laws. The House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (Va.) stated Wednesday, “President Obama’s decision to ignore the constitutional limits on his authority subverts the rule of law and threatens the individual liberty that our system of separated powers is designed to protect,reported Fox News.

This may well be the openly salvo in a concerted effort to finally hold this Wild, Wild West presidential outlaw liable for his action.

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