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America has become a sick dysfunctional nation.

In one fell swoop, Congress today managed to deny unemployment benefits to millions of Americans who lost jobs ostensibly because of the failed policies of deregulation that caused the economic crash of 2008, policies Congress approved of. The unemployed include 300,000 veterans they couldn't even help because that would make Wall Street nervous, but then they voted to give the Genocidal Israeli state another 225 billion dollars in military aid so they could continue the brutal ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Everyone all over the world has been horrified and appalled by the whole Israeli concept of self defense being the targeting of children. President Obama hardly opened his mouth and not one real honest cry of protest, which prompted my Open letter to President Obama on the genocide in Gaza.

Then along comes another of Israels criminally insane pretend cease fires where Hamas is supposed to do nothing while Israel continues military operations. In one instance as Israel was trying to blow up a tunnel underneath Gaza an Israeli soldier was captured by Hamas. President Obama declares that the capture violates the cease fire but an Israeli military operation during a truce which triggered the whole incident was not, which is pure pretzel logic. Obama demanded that the soldier better be released right now or Israel will have the right of self defense.

The senseless and brutal murders of mostly Palestinian women and children, that in many ways looks and sounds like the ideas that inspired the rise of Hitler's Germany, causes Obama to say nothing. This intimates that Israeli's lives are worth much more than Palestinian lives an ethnic superiority concept if I ever heard of one.

America is bleeding to death from a morality crisis of the first order. If Palestinians wonder why America doesn't do anything to stop the slaughter please remember this is a nation that has spent thirty years destroying its own middle class and giving away its technological advances and its manufacturing base to a Chinese nation that is not our ally, for cheap plastic crap and cheap labor.

And when the leaders of this once great nation are not busy driving 90% of its citizens into poverty we are advocating profits over science and common sense to protect the fossil fuel industry. In this America is committing genocide on people who live in low lying areas that will be swallowed in the rising sea level that is one symptom of a changing climate. America is telling all these people that because we can, because we are America the mightiest nation on earth, your right to life is less important than Exxon's desire for profits. That is absolutely insane.

Then there is Detroit which has neighborhoods that resemble Gaza only they have not been bombed though they are victims of war just as relentless as the genocide in Gaza, a class war. Here we deny millions of Americans the right to hold a job and be self sufficient then we start cutting off the water because the people the wealthy elite left unemployed on purpose are unable to pay their water bills, a sort of economic version of the siege of Gaza.

Is our refusal to lift up a finger for Gaza because they are Muslim and not white? Is that why we ignore that it was corporations hoping to exploit cheap labor that brought in the Hispanic immigrants as we scapegoat them and pretend that the main issue is their illegal entrance to America by passing the illegal jobs, and violations of work place safety and tax laws by big corporations who brought many of them here to artificially create a low wage labor surplus to drive back wages.

Why do we ignore the truth?

Because Corporate CEO's are white, rich, and have bought our entire corrupt political system and because the immigrants aren't white and have no political power really.

We are bearing witness to the dreadful end of a dying Colonialism revived by Ronald Reagan in 1980 and as those in power feel they are losing their power they become more vicious and murderous. Colonialism began to come apart with Gandhi in India and continues today with the Palestinians in Gaza. Once again the wretched of the earth have finally begun to raise up their heads and demand an end to their exploitation but they are not white and the colonial power structure such as Netanyahu can't comprehend the idea that those they have enslaved are their equals. They don't see a fellow human being in front of them they see something sub human and dark skinned and those are the seeds of insanity.

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