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America goes au naturel

Most Americans are going back to the basic food pallets. Homegrown vegetables, along with grass fed livestock, are sweeping the nation.

In the light of France’s recent implementation of “fait maison,” a homemade reference on menus at all restaurants in the country, more and more Americans are looking for the au naturel in their food selection.

Kraft, most notably known for their American cheese, is set to remove artificial preservatives from their iconic cheese recipe, because people nowadays are reading the labels on what they eat, according to an Associated Press article.

Who knows if France’s “fait maison” will make it to America, but Americans are becoming more and more self-conscious with what they put into their mouths.

After a blog post scrutinized Subway’s bread containing chemicals, the same chemical that is used in the creation of yoga mats, the sandwich giant is removing any chemical that prevents individuals from living up to the healthy food mantra the shop is known for.

So how can Minnesotans avoid the chemicals and indulge in simplicity while dining? It’s simple. Shop at local farmer’s markets, including the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market that is open on Wednesdays, to stock up on naturally grown fruits, vegetables and breads.

There are also plenty of restaurants in the area that pride themselves on their table farm menus. Wise Acre Eatery, located off Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis, is fully stocked by Tangletown Gardens, a 100-acre farm located in Plato, Minn.

For more information on Wise Acre Eatery, or other au naturel venues, visit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s website.

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