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America fracking to prosperity

Paul Taylor

Partisan green campaigners and radical eco-groups have complained that America is not fixing global warming. They claim that socialist, European Union carbon trading, more government-subsidized solar panels and wind turbines, and
fuel poverty-producing “renewable” energy mandates are the ways to control climate change.

The U.S. fracking revolution has cut natural gas fuel prices in half over the last decade, allowing natural gas to replace coal in U.S. electric power production. Natural gas emits less than half the CO2 produced by coal burning. In 2012, fracked natural gas reduced U.S. CO2 emissions by 300 megatons, and it will continue to reduce CO2 emissions globally where it replaces coal and other high-carbon fuels.

With the advent of shale fracking, natural gas is the fastest-growing electric power source in America – greater than the costly green-dreamt solar and wind power alternatives.

Reliable energy is essential to our prosperity and national security. Energy independence should not be a perverse and partisan political pawn to be played with by eco-groups and green activists. Human survival ultimately depends on energy. Here are some the current advantages and achievements of shale fracking to produce oil and natural gas:

• By 2016, the U.S. will pass Saudia Arabia to become the world’s top producer of oil;
• By next year, the U.S. will produce 9.3 billion barrels of oil per day – the highest in forty years;
• Nearly a third of all domestic oil production comes from shale fracking;
• The U.S. has 48 to 58 billion barrels of technically-recoverable shale oil;
• U.S. oil production is up 20% in one year with the assistance of fracking technology;
• Russia has about 75 billion barrels of shale oil, China about 32 billion barrels, and Libya about 26. (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2014)

During the oil shortage crisis with Pres. Carter in 1970s, the Democratic congress placed export restrictions (embargoes) on U.S.-produced oil. Pres. Obama should remove the 40 year-old embargoes, as well as his own drilling restrictions on federal lands in light of Asian and European demands for America’s bounty of oil and natural gas. Moreover, Pres. Obama should fast track American port expansions to handle liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export.

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