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Drudge Report headlines ping pong: One Obama crisis after another

Drudge Report Banner: America in crisis
Drudge Report Banner: America in crisis
Common use/ Drudge Report screenprint

Drudge Report headlines are ping ponging, in an attempt to keep up with both domestic and foreign crises. On Sunday, crises sharing the spotlight on the Drudge Report begin with the response of Americans as they worry the blood and treasure sacrificed in the overthrow of Iraq may end up lost.

Then attention switches to the government's quick response to the "humanitarian crisis," of illegal children flooding into south Texas. These news priorities occur while the plight of veterans dying from lack of medical care are pushed down the Drudge Report fold, until it is no longer mentioned at all.

On the Drudge Report, a depressing storyboard of the implosion of Iraq unfolds in link after link sharing news that Baghdad is fighting back and Iran is sending in troops to aid in the fight. American veterans are said to "watch as insurgents undo" their sacrifices. According to the Drudge headlines, vets feel "they have died for nothing."

A quick scan of Drudge Report headlines inform that amid news of chilling photographs of jihadists executing troops, the Pentagon has moved a warship to the Gulf. Almost peripherally, one's eye catches an analysis which forewarns yet another domestic crisis: "Fall Would Make Current Gas Prices 'Look Like Bargain'"

Searching for headlines of signs of action from American leaders, one finds none. Former president George W. Bush, a Drudge hyperlink shares, will remain silent. Currently there is no headline from the Obama administration nor President Obama outlining how the Pentagon plans to stop this crisis trainwreck. However, an Isis leader of an al Qaeda splinter group has issued an ominous threat, "See you in New York."

About the home front, according to Drudge, Obama said, "'Our future rests' on Dreamers." News breaks that federal agents, whose jobs are to protect United States borders from illegal entry, are instead changing diapers and heating baby formula for surge of children. Those children, we learn, are transferred to facilities in which the Obama administration has forbidden lawmakers to document conditions by taking photographs. Many clamor for more information, not less.

From Drudge Report, we learn that the Texas border patrol has been "threatened with criminal charges for speaking to reporters," even as the agents are overwhelmed with "more than 35,000 illegals entering Texas, each month." Many of those are reported by the Washington Times to be Mexican gang members.

The Honduras president claims this influx of illegal children flooding across the borders has been brought about by "misinformation," Whether this crisis has been "manufactured, orchestrated," or not, in headline shock, Americans read on the Drudge Report, "Embassies are still not warning against sending the children."

All of these headlines will be fodder for elections 2014, and some are claiming the crises have been manufactured solely for the purpose of political gain. Politicians may understand that kind of reasoning, the Drudge Report editors may grasp the nuances, however regular Americans may not. Many may be wondering about America's flailing leaders, paraphrasing a Drudge Report headline to ask: "Where does our future rest?"

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