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America and It’s Need for Energy

America and It’s Need for Energy

We live in a great country. We have so much to be thankful for. We can flip a switch and have heat, air conditioning or light a room. That convenience comes with a price. Many in our great country are trying to figure out a more efficient, more environmentally friendly way to get that power.
All over America we get our power through utility lines that canvas the country sides. We are now seeing that some of those lines need to be replaced and in some areas more lines need to be added to keep up with demand.
How do we make everyone happy? Well, we all know that making everyone happy is nearly, if not definitely, impossible. How do we keep up with the demand for energy and find a way to be more earth friendly? Scientists and researchers are working diligently to find a happy medium.

It seems that a balance between how much we use and how we supply it. It is prudent to look at ways to utilize our environment to supply our energy. Using our wind, water and solar power; our renewable sources. It is our responsibility to take care of our environment for the future.

We can also develop ways to use less energy overall. Utilize the CFL light bulbs. Turning of power when we don't really need it. Paying attention to all of those little indicator lights on appliances. If the light is on, the appliance is using electricity. It's amazing how much energy we use without realizing it.

We can't leave it all up to the scientists to figure out the answers. We have to take responsibility for our own usage. It's not just about the bill, it's about the overall affect we have on our environment.