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Amendment 63 may inoculate Coloradoans against Obama Care

Opposition to Federal Health Care Law
Opposition to Federal Health Care Law
Rocky Mountain PBS

Many have expressed disenchantment with the passing of the Federal Health Care bill signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010.

The question is, is Colorado Health Care Amendment 63 a good one?

Among supporters for a "yes" vote is Jon Caldera, head of Independence Institute, who said “Colorado has a right to decide how we deal with health care.” The Pueblo Chieftain stated, "Perhaps the most onerous aspect is the requirement that all people have health insurance. This is a major stretch of the constitutional restraints on the power of the federal government. ... We believe the federal government has absolutely no power to require people to buy something."

Among those opposing are, a local blog, which maintained, “Locking this in to the constitution is worrisome because it not only restricts what the federal government can mandate, but what the state can legislate." The Denver Post, averred in an editorial, "Amendment 63, pitched by Independence Institute front man Jon Caldara, would limit the state's ability to implement health care reform and make it even more difficult to dial back health care cost-shifting. It has the potential to foist upon Coloradans consequences that, if not unforeseen, certainly may not be readily apparent.”

In all, eight other states, are instituting similar measures, either through the ballot or through their state legislature, according to each states’ laws. These states include:

In March, 2010, two days before the signing of the Health Care Bill, Attorney General John Suthers joined 12 other state Attorney Generals in a lawsuit against the government, claiming it unconstitutional.


  • Brian T. Schwartz 4 years ago

    The cost-shifting argument in support of mandatory insurance is bogus. The cost-shift from the uninsured is small - just $85 per insured person in Colorado according to a Lewin Group report. This is small compared to the cost-shifting or hidden tax imposed by mandatory insurance. Mandatory insurance does not allow you to buy just any policy, but bloated expensive health plans with features you don't want or need. For details on this, see

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