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Amemo Slim One Is the World’s Sexiest Power Bank

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Most people think power banks are about the features.

And they aren’t wrong. But think about the outlook of these gadgets for a second. Does the absence of elegance complete the composition?

You may just want to ignore it altogether, but there’s a good reason why you’re more likely to be appealed by a slim external battery charger than a normal one.

The importance of appearance as a non-price factor lies in the theory that you are going to choose a better designed, higher quality product when given the choice of two remote charges at a similar price.

So if you’re looking for an elegant external charging solution for your smartphone that is also lightweight, portable and easy to use, then behold:

Amemo SLIM ONE – the world’s first and only wallet-sized power charger that is dapper from top to bottom.

And it’s believably thin too! Only 4.5mm: use it like you’re holding a credit card. It has undergone a lightweight, smooth and polished design to keep you on the go in style.


Designed to be multi-functional and efficient, SLIM ONE features a 2000 mAh battery that can charge a smartphone a single time.

The power bank is compatible with iPhone 5s, 5c, 4s, 4, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, One S, Sensation G14, Thunderbolt, Nokia N9, Lumia 920, Lumia 900, Sony Xperia Z, BlackBerry Z10 and many other smartphones.

It features LEDs that show how much juice you’ve got left: 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent and 100 percent. A rule of thumb is to put the external battery on charge when it reaches at a level that is below 25 percent.

These features apart, the main appeal of the smartphone power charger still lies in its design. The manufacturer used unique craftsmanship to provide greater energy power in a small space: no other external battery charger provides this much power in this size.

The creator also used a variety of ultra-thin components, which effectively reduced the size and weight of the product. The 75 gram weight makes it convenient to carry anywhere.


So if you’re looking a power charger that has a stunning slim design and is the collaboration of perfect craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Amemo SLIM ONE might just be your best answer. The fact that it’s available in multiple color options such as blue, white, black and red makes it all more appealing.

Oh wait! It’s also priced at $20 - $25 on most online stores… eyeballs.