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Amelia Earhart takes off on namesake’s final ill-fated flight of 77 years ago

Amelia Earhart, a 31-year-old woman named after the famous female pilot, departed Thursday on a flight that will follow the original Amelia Earhart’s final ill-fated flight plan. This pilot from Denver Colo. plans to follow the same route as her namesake did 77 years ago, but she plans to make it back, according to NewsMax on June 27.

Amelia Earhart, named after the famous pilot, embarked on her namesakes final ill-fated flight on Thursday morning. This Amelia has GPS and is going to tweet during her around the world flight attempt!
Facebook/ Amelia Earhart

Earhart will fly the 28,000-mile around the world trip in 18 days. She is on the same flight plan in her single-engine plane that the first Amelia Earhart embarked on back in 1937. If this Amelia is successful with her flight, she will become the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single-engine aircraft.

When the modern day Earhart was a baby, her parents wanted to give her a strong name, so they named her Amelia Earhart. As she got older, she has shown she is very worthy of that name. Amelia wasn’t always thrilled with being named after the famous pilot.

There were times that she thought her life might be easier if she had a different name, but she’s learned to embrace the name and actually “have fun with it.” When she decided to fly around the world, she wanted to do everything as close to what her namesake did three quarters of a century ago.

She made a deal with the people who own the hanger that Amelia Earhart used and she took off with her co-pilot Shane Jordon from the same spot as her namesake. Amelia quit her job as a traffic reporter with an NBC affiliate in Denver back in March to train full-time for this trip, according to NBC News today.

She took off Thursday in a stripped down Pilatus PC-12 NG plane, modified to carry a 200-gallon fuel tank for this journey. On the morning she left for this trip, she said that opening up the hanger door and seeing just what Amelia Earhart the first saw on that day she left for her historic journey.

Amelia’s first refueling stop is Friday in Miami, Florida. The longest leg on the trip without a stop is nine hours. The first Amelia’s trip ended when she disappeared somewhere over the South Pacific. The modern-day Amelia is flying with GPS and she’ll be able to send out tweets.

Because the flight plan filed 77 years ago was not complete, today’s Amelia feels it is still open and she wants to be the one to finish her namesake's dream. It is almost as if Amelia Earhart the first has been reincarnated!

You can follow Amelia Earhart’s trip minute by minute on her website: or Both websites offer tracking, it just depends upon your preference of formats for following Earhart's route.

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