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AMD Unveils FirePro W9100

The AMD FIrepro W9100 has cracked the 2 gigaflop double-precision compute barrier.
The AMD FIrepro W9100 has cracked the 2 gigaflop double-precision compute barrier.

Early this morning Advanced Micro Devices announced the launch of their new flagship professional graphics card, the Firepro W9100. The latest addition to the Firepro family of professional graphics cards is an impressively powerful unit designed for emerging demands in computation and content creation.

During a conference held today at AMD's headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Graphics Business Unit Matt Skynner revealed the new GPU, insisting that the W9100 addresses the current technological demands of their professional partners.

"With technology changing, with OpenCL, with 4k, with demands from workstation users; we need a new class of GPU for this new era," said Skynner.

The Firepro W9100 on paper is certainly in a class of its own. The GPU features an industry-first 16Gb of GDDR5 video memory with a 320 Gb per second memory bandwidth, offering the largest memory capacity and fastest bandwidth for professional graphics cards. The W9100 furthermore boasts the greatest display flexibility supporting up to six 4k resolution displays on a single card.

Through the W9100 AMD set out to provide the professional realms of content creation and computation with an industry-leading card in compute performance. Featuring 2.67 gigaflops of double-precision compute performance with over 5 gigaflops of single-precision compute performance, the W9100 is the first professional graphics solution to break 2 teraflops in double-precision compute performance.

The W9100 has also be engineered with AMD's GCN architecture and features DirectGMA technology streamlining the data flow between the GPU and SDI I/O board. For video content creation professionals the card will drastically reduce encoding time while utilizing OpenCL for real-time 4k rendering.

"It's powered by OpenCL and it's really designed and optimized for real-time 4k" said David Cummings, Senior Director and General Manager of AMD Professional Graphics.

The Firepro W9100 is not yet available for purchase, today simply marks the official launch of the product line. AMD has yet to release other key technical specifications for the new flagship professional graphics card such as the core and memory clock speeds along with the memory bus width.

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