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AMC shows off new poster and tagline for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5

'The Walking Dead' returns Oct 12 2014
'The Walking Dead' returns Oct 12 2014

Next month’s premiere of “The Walking Dead” has millions of fans all abuzz about what will happen, who will die, who will live.

This just released poster and tagline (Hunt of be hunted,) shows a very pissed off Rick with a very big gun. Who’s hunting whom?

The poster features Rick out in the open, in some kind of foliage. Which means, at least he is no longer in the train. When last seen, Rick and the rest of the survivors were stuck in a train by some possible cannibals. They were all in a place called Terminus. The place that everyone was headed to last season.

The word terminus in Roman religion was a God of boundaries. In Latin, it means boundary limits. What does it mean on TWD? Probably that Terminus is not the place to set out the zombie apocalypse. It also means that the survivors should escape those boundaries.

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