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AMC Sensory Friendly Films for Fall

Puss In Boots returns in his own film this November.
Puss In Boots returns in his own film this November.

For many members of the Autism community going to see a movie at the theater is an experience that is just too overwhelming. Sensory issues like Auditory Processing Disorder can cause extreme discomfort during a film, where many theaters take pride in being able to move you with the surround sound. For others in our community, quietly sitting in a seat in the dark for an hour and a half holds no appeal, no matter how engaging the film being screened.

Thankfully, AMC theaters and the Autism Society of America have a solution for just such issues with their program Sensory Friendly Films. Once a month, local AMC theaters have a special screening taking sensory needs into account. Sensory Friendly Films feature lower volume on the audio, lights on, and the "silence is golden" policy is out the window. Audience members are encouraged to walk, dance, and move around the theater as much as they wish. All screenings are at 10 a.m. local time and tickets can be purchased the day of the showing.

November 5 - Puss in Boots

December 3 - The Muppets