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AMC rumored to be interested in purchasing WWE from McMahon family

AMC rumored to be interested in purchasing WWE from McMahon family
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Thursday, rumors of the McMahon family being in possible negotiations to sell the WWE to the cable group AMC Networks lit the internet on fire. These rumors can be traced back to a March 13 report by the British financial blog Betaville, which stated that the AMC Networks have had at least one conversation with the WWE recently and have sought financial advising from UBS on how to make a purchase of this magnitude. Additionally, the report also claimed that any transaction between the two groups would put the purchase price around $2.6 to $2.8 billion dollars.

Before the WWE Universe goes crazy over a potential sale, or a merger of zombies and pro wrestling, this rumored interest has no legs to stand on. The WWE is a family owned business in a position to capitalize on its popularity and global brand like never before.

The WWE Network was unveiled on February 24th to modest success. With already 300,000 subscribers, this network will revolutionize how fans watch WWE PPVs and other wrestling programming. Additionally, the WWE app has been downloaded over 11 million times and their stock is floating around a price of $30 per share. To make this rumor even more absurd is that the WWE is set to cash in on their new TV contracts within the next few months and come away with a rich deal.

The WWE is Vince McMahon's life work. It was his dad's and his grandfather's life work also. The company will be handed down to Vince's daughter Stephanie and her husband HHH. In a few years, the company would be worth more than the rumored purchase price mentioned in the report.

Unfortunately for fans of "The Walking Dead," AMC's top TV show, there's a better chance of a real life zombie apocalypse happening than Vince McMahon selling the WWE.